Hello Readers!!!

I just realized something TERRIBLE!!! I never posted on my blog about the event (just through my Facebook and Instagram… OOPS!!!)

So to begin…

I initially bought my own ticket but ended up being able to pick up a media badge when I arrived. I had a few authors in mind that I wanted to see but also planned to just walk around and see if there were any new authors I may discover. I was excited to run into Lindsay and Sasha for their cover reveal of their book Zenith and J.D. Netto with his series The Whispers of the Fallen.

I ended up missing out on getting a copy of Zenith/meeting Sasha, but I did end up running into Lindsay. I initially saw Lindsay at the Harlequin Teen area just to say hi. I ended up running into her again and she decided to join me as I peruse BookCon. It was great hanging out with her because she was so laid back. We ended up going to the shadowhunter photobooth and stopped by J.D. Netto’s booth to chat and take pictures.

Lindsay had to go back to the Harlequin booth, so I meandered some more around the event. I met a few new bloggers/ran into some bloggers that I met at previous events. I hung out with Jessica of The Book Bratz . I always love telling the story of how I met her at my first BookCon in 2014. I was a part of the group that created Meetup badges so us fellow bloggers could all meet one another. I distinctly remember two high school girls shrieking as they both ran up to me to say hi. It was one of the funniest experiences that I’ve had at a book event.

I found out that Leigh Bardugo had written an adaptation of Wonder Woman, so I had ATTEMPTED to obtain a copy of the young adult novel. However, once again in their confusion and disorganization, no one knew where the line was or what was going on. But it’s totally understandable because it gets way too crazy. I almost wish that when you buy your ticket you could get a paper ticket to get one of the books from these big authors. I was bummed I was unable to obtain a copy, but I did not have high expectations, knowing in years past how crazy and hectic it can be.

I was able to meet Lauren Oliver who wrote Before I fall, Delerium series and Replica. She again, was another kind and laid back author. Even though she told me she was exhausted, she was still upbeat and kind. I had the chance to see Jennifer E. Smith who wrote some great books Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between, and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

I felt like all in all, the event was pretty successful. I had no complaints of having to buy the books at this event, whereas previously books were free. In the great scheme of things, it really was not a huge deal. I wasn’t stressed out with the amount of people there, as well as the lines waiting for authors (except of course for Leigh Bardugo.. but that was expected).

I hope to have a great time at the upcoming 2018 BookCon!!!