Thank you Jaclyn for having me today on your blog! My name is Keira Gillett and I’m the author of the brand new Zaria Fierce Trilogy, about an American girl who meets a troll in the middle of modern-day Norway. And not the nice kind! The first book, Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest released on March 6, 2015. To celebrate, and to be true to the theme of Living in a World of Book Quotes, here are 13 quotes from the book (because Zaria turns 13 in the book.)


A true statement for what Zaria Fierce and her friends must do to rescue Christoffer. Also true about learning how to publish a book from start to finish! You must be willing to take the time to sit down and carefully do every aspect.


When the world offers the unexpected, it can be magical. Sometimes there are limitations to this magic. You’ll have to make up the difference yourself.


The difference between a promise you can’t keep and one you can.


I like to play with words that sound the same. It’s a useful technique for introducing clues without being overt and giving things away. It’s also a way to show the difference between what someone thinks they know and what something actually is.


Someone’s trying to tattle. And sometimes what someone does isn’t the point. It’s how you handle it and how you plan to go forward that it.


 Admit it. You’re intrigued by this one. Why aren’t there dragons?! What about unicorns. Are there any unicorns? (Spoiler – Nope, no unicorns. Sorry!)


Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today. I say we avoid this grouch. What do you think? Sound like a good plan?



Oh Hector. What have you done this time? Really. You’re incorrigible.


How do you make sense of something nonsensical?


As if! Girls do not snore. Ever! Right, girls?


Hey! Don’t dismiss shoes. Fashion is very important, just ask Cinderella.


Now we mustn’t play with things that might want to eat us… perhaps we should leave “big kitties” alone.


Ouch! That hurt. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all my mom always said.

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Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest

Book Blurb:

On her birthday, Zaria Fierce finds her usual path to school blocked by an ugly river-troll. At first she’s surprised and curious, but then Olaf threatens to eat her, which is an act Zaria could not in good conscience consent to, so Zaria counteroffers. A deal is struck and she goes to school, but Zaria is about to learn the hard way that one does not trick a river-troll and expect to win.

Early Reviews:

“With kids interested in “Frozen,” with Anna and Elsa, this would be a natural progression.” – Judi Oswald, Reference Librarian

Available in E-Book, Paperback, Audiobook

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“Geirr stooped to pick up some decent-sized sticks, and Zaria bent to grab a few too. They talked amicably and walked, stretching their legs, until they were too burdened by their loads to keep going.

“My arms are going to collapse,” Zaria huffed. Her breath fogged around her face, covering and then revealing a well-pinked nose and cheeks. “Let’s head back to camp.”

“Sounds good to me,” Geirr said and turned around to do just that. Zaria followed and collided into him, dropping her load of kindling all over the ground.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, as she went to gather them. “Why did you stop?”

“I don’t think we’re going to find camp,” Geirr said, worrying his lip. He juggled his armful of wood and pointed haphazardly forward. “It’s like pea soup.”

Zaria looked up from playing fifty-two pickup and saw what worried Geirr. In front of them was a wall of fog, thick, viscous, and impossible to see through. She gulped and carefully set down the pile she’d been working to gather again. Was it her imagination or did the fog seem to be breathing? It crept closer in stages. Not fast enough that she saw it while looking directly at it, but if she looked away and back, it most definitely moved.

“Uh, Geirr,” Zaria said, slowly gaining her feet. “I think we should move and fast.”

Geirr looked at her puzzled. “I don’t think fast is an option here. Now if you pick up your stack and stick near me maybe we can <em>Marco Polo</em> our way back to the others.”

“Geirr,” Zaria hissed, her voice ratcheting higher. “The fog is moving.” He didn’t look impressed. The breathing sounds from within the fog grew louder, distressing Zaria. “No seriously, it’s moving like it’s alive.”

Geirr looked back again and stared hard, trying to penetrate the fog with his gaze alone. Zaria started to ease away, firewood forgotten.

“Come on, Geirr, we have to move. Can’t you hear the breathing?”

“That isn’t you?” he asked, alarmed.

“No!” Zaria shouted. “Run!”

Author Bio:Keira Gillett is a technical publications librarian, book blogger, world traveler, artist, and now author. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting. From an early age her mother instilled a love of the written word, as such she has always been a big reader. Her first book, Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest, is about a young girl who must complete a quest to save her friend from a nasty river-troll.