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On Friday, September 20,2014 I attended the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave event hosted by Jennifer L. Armentrout in New Rochelle, New York. I originally found out about this event a few months ago, so of course I was counting the days until I could go.

I found out that there were a few authors that I was looking forward to meeting because I had heard such AMAZING things about their novels. Of course one of them being Jennifer L. Armentrout with the Lux series and the Wait for You series. I only recently became a fan of her books so I was extremely excited. The other authors that I was looking forward to meeting, but never read any of their books were Lindsay Cummings-The Murder Complex, Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki –Branded, Cora Carmack-Losing it,  and Michelle Madow- The Secret Diamond Sisters.

I really loved how smooth this event was. When you first arrived, there was a registration table where you gave them your tickets as well as the online pre-order for Stay with Me (which I got!). From there they give you a wristband, then you wait in line to go into the little room to purchase books from authors who have books sold through Barnes and Noble. I purchased Be with Me and Frigid by Jennifer L. Armentrout (I wasn’t ready for the Covenant series just yet), Losing it by Cora Carmack, and Vision by Lisa Amowitz. I also originally purchased Empty and Cracked by K.M.  Walton (I’ll fill you in on that later in my post). I had asked if they had Branded by Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki, but they didn’t. I was panicking thinking they didn’t actually come to the event. The woman helping me then told me that the independent authors will have their books for sale at their individual booths (phew!).

After I bought my books, I waited in line again, then we were allowed in the author area to start having our books signed. The author signing area was placed in two small rooms. (The author signing was set up from 10:30-3:00). I walked in and I was completely jumping up and down inside. Right away I spotted Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki, as well as Lindsay Cummings whose table was set up right next to them. I first went to Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki‘s table to buy Branded. In my excitement, I actually introduce myself as Quotablebooks1, not my actual name. Haha. My thoughts, “did I really just say that?” Yes, yes I did just say that. I then recovered and said my real name.

They had asked me if I’ve ever read their book, but I said I hadn’t. I told them that I heard such amazing and fantastic things about their book so I knew that I had to get it. I also got a picture with them, and it was really funny because we were trying to figure out how to go about it, because the tables were pushed so close together. At one point the two of them literally sat on the table to get in the picture. They were extremely nice and I am so excited to have the chance to read it.

After I met them, I hopped (not literally), over to the next table to Lindsay Cummings table. I also told her that I heard great things about her book. She was also very nice! I also got a picture with her.

I walked around and spotted Lisa Amowitz’s table to have Vision signed. After meeting her, I went to Michelle Madow’s table to get The Diamond Sisters book. I told Michelle that I heard about her book from my fellow blogger friend Ana (Ana.Loves‘ blog). Michelle absolutely raved about Ana that she (Ana) did a wonderful job organizing the author event in Florida (YA.Maniacs). Michelle was sweet and extremely nice! I thought it was pretty funny because both my mom and her mom took a picture of us with Michelle’s book.

I then went and had my 6 Jennifer L. Armentrout books signed (Wait for You, Be with Me, Stay with Me, Frigid, Lux: Consequences, and Lux: Opposition), as well as a piece of paper for Ana-(Ana wanted me to tell Jennifer how much she LOVES the series-and it was signed and included bookmarks!) Jennifer said she loved seeing all the tabs that were in my Lux: Consequences book. I told her that I love finding meaningful quotes in the books that I read. I also got a picture with her!

I also met Cora Carmack. She was very friendly and outgoing. That’s one of the things that I love about going to these author events events, the authors are very outgoing and love conversing with their fans.

Here are the other authors I met:

Danielle Ellison who wrote Salt

Amy Evans who wrote Clicks (who I originally met waiting in line to buy Indelible by Dawn Metcalf) she was so nice!

Dawn Metcalf who wrote Indelible-she had a hilarious shirt)

I met all of these authors by 11:30

Now for the disappointing part of my experience:

I previously told you that I also bought Empty and Cracked by K.M. Walton. I found out around 11:30 that she wouldn’t be arriving until 12:40. I honestly did not worry about it at first because I was still walking around meeting with authors and signing up for newsletters. I had even gone out for lunch just to pass the time. I went back to the author areas and she still was not there, even though it was past 12:50. I again asked the people working there if she had arrived yet, to which they replied that she was off the train, but still hadn’t showed up yet. I then looked up the authors twitter and it said she wouldn’t be arriving until 2:00 (the signings ended at 3:00). I went back to the people working the event and showed them the tweet (and they didn’t know how to respond). I essentially waited for one author for about an hour and a half in order to get her books signed. Due to the fact that I had waited for that long and no one knowing what the official word was on whether or not she would show up (I was told that some authors never even showed up, even though they were on the list), I decided to return the books and leave. I didn’t feel in my heart that I should be waiting an hour and half for one author. An author/books that I had never heard about no less. I was extremely disappointed in this because there was a set time and many authors who traveled from out of state most likely arrived a day before knowing that the author signing was only for a limited time.

If you did get your books signed by her, that’s great. I just didn’t feel it was right to wait an hour and a half for someone to show up. It’s almost the same as being stood up when you make plans with a friend and not tell them if you were going to be late.

Other than this, I really truly had a fantastic time and so happy I found out about this event!

I will be doing another post about the books I bought/had signed at the event.

Thank you for reading!

And of course….