So this year I went to my very first book/author event. And of course it had to be the biggest one! It was crazy hectic, but all in all I had a great time. I met many of the girls that I previously talked to through the BookCon app. We were able to find one another because one of the lovely girls made a meetup badge for us to wear so we could find one another easier. I met at least three of the authors I wanted to see. I didn’t really plan on the panels because I knew there was no way I was getting in.
Authors I met: JD Netto who wrote the Whispers of the Fallen and Whispers of the Fallen Rebellion (he was nice enough to sign my own book and the one I bought). I met Stephanie Freur who wrote Drawing Amanda (which was after my failed attempt to see J. Lynn). Alexandra Bracken who wrote The Darkest Minds ( I got Never Fade signed) I ALMOST didn’t make it because it was CHAOTIC lining up, but luckily a staff member let me in line because I went back and forth three times. I also met Sophie Davis (2 authors) who wrote the Talented series. They were super nice (and Justine!) I bought one book originally, then ended up buying another because some guy expected them for free, so I paid for one of them, and then to my absolute surprise, they gave me the last book for free!! They were super super nice! I also met the author of a children’s story called Allergic to Bullying. Here are the books I got signed:


Author JD Netto

Author(s) Sophie Davis

Danielle Fishel of Boy Meets World
Stephanie Feuer author of Drawing Amanda

Bloggers from The Book Bratz

Grumpy Cat

I also got Paw it Forward. This is by the same author who wrote Pay it Forward. Paw it forward is the children’s versions about the author and her dog Ella (very cute story). I got a free book called Maplecroft. I got a sampler book called Lets Get Lost. I also got a book originally written in 1926 called Neighbours. I was a little hesitant reading this because it was written in 1926!! But it was actually one of the most amazing books I have ever read (I posted a review in a previous post). I also bought Crossed, book 2 in the Matched series.

I will absolutely be going again next year! Even though they are unfortunately moving BookCon to Chicago ūüė¶ in 2016. I also know to bring an EMPTY bag… Wow was I sore for a few days. I made the mistake of bringing FIVE of my own books, and only had ONE signed, won’t do that again.
Until next time!
Happy Reading!