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New Talented series covers by Sophie Davis!!

Hello readers! Exciting news! Sophie Davis, author of the AMAZING Talented series, is releasing new covers!!! They are sooo utterly gorgeous!! Take a look below!!!


Reading slump :-(

So for the past few days, I’ve tried reading Eleanor & Park and Nowhere but Here. But for some reason, I just can’t get through those two books. I doubt it’s because they aren’t good books, I’m just not feeling a connection to the books right now, sadly.

 So I’m going to try a third time and read Forever with You by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Top ten quotes and mini interview with Radio Head’s author Rebecca Laclair

Hello readers!!

Not too long ago, I was sent an ARC copy of Radio Head by Rebecca Laclair by the lovely Sara Lien of Lien Public Relations (seriously, she’s awesome). However, due to being on a reading hiatus, I was unable to read the book. But since I am a lover of quotes, I contacted Rebecca Laclair and asked her what her ten favorite quotes are from the book. I also asked her a few questions and conducted a mini interview. This post will go as follows: favorite quotes, mini interview then book blurb. 

Favorite Quotes:


 Question 1: what inspired you to write this story? 
In the earliest draft of Radio Head, Shelby (the protagonist) manifested her disorder by limiting her speech only to song lyrics. There are song lyrics for virtually everything a person might want to express! Considering that Shelby has worn her father’s headphones since he died, she has an intimate relationship with every song played on every available radio station. I spent a lot of time thinking about music, lyrics, different types of music genres, and how we relate to and respond to music. It was a fun project that helped me figure out what story I was really telling. Readers should note that song lyrics are copyrighted and therefore do not appear in the book. However, there are dozens of song titles used throughout. When you’re reading Radio Head, it’s fun to see how many you can find!

Question 2: does music influence you as a writer? 
Yes, in every way possible. I’ve opened myself to all types of music, and studied how musicians create and perform music, as well as how it is recorded. 

I enjoy seeing how music moves people, especially children. Adults and senior citizens are most affected by the music they enjoyed between ages 8-18, which affirms how important it is for kids and teens to immerse themselves in their favorite music. It literally sets the tone (pun intended!) for their lifetime of memories and musical taste.

Question 3: what was your favorite part about writing this book?
That’s a tough question because so many blessings came out of it. It’s been fascinating to learn about story structure and to explore feelings, and “speak” in another person’s voice. I had fun seeing the world from rock star Zac’s point of view! I’m especially thankful for the relationships I’ve built in writing classes, workshops, and critique circles. Writing requires daily solitude and self-discipline, yet we writers need teachers and peers if we hope to improve our craft. Best of all, I’ve enjoyed mentoring kids and teens who are interested in creative writing, and incorporating healing music therapy activities that involve writing activities. These opportunities give my work a deeper sense of meaning and joy.

Thank you a TON to Rebecca Laclair and Sara Lien for this opportunity!! 

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Shelby Rey can hear you like a song. With one touch, she’s intune with your every hope, every secret. When a celebritypsychiatrist takes an interest in her case, Shelby comes face-to-face with Zac Wyatt, the lead singer of the world-famous rockband, Grounder. For Zac, success isn’t enough though. He wantsa shot at his first solo album, fame above and beyond Grounder.But the genius behind every one of Grounder’s hits is StanfordLysandre, their heroin-addicted, self-taught lead guitarist. Zac isso jealous he could kill him. Determined to win, Zac realizes thatShelby can do what he can’t-hear the music inside him, uncover hisfeelings, and help him create his own singular style.As Shelby gets closer to the band, she discovers Stanford’s secretto writing his music. It’s a power very familiar to hers, but life-affirmingand not destructive. Can Shelby hide her connection toZac’s enemy?”

Where to buy:

Barnes and Noble 


Author website


About the author:

Rebecca Laclair describes the way music speaks to us, changes us, and validates us in a way that any music junkie immediately recognizes.
Rebecca used to think writing was an impossible dream. A Liberal Arts major and graphic design grad, Rebecca rode a motorcycle from an engineering job to owning a wine label design company before discovering that drama is lot more interesting when it’s on the page. Rebecca has always been fascinated by the concept of turning life’s obstacles into gifts, finding ways to upgrade the mundane to the magical. A magazine editor, and Huffington Post contributor, Rebecca has short stories published in Gravel, Skyline, Wordhaus, and Mixtape Methodology. Her short story was selected Best of Wordhaus for its category (2015.) She also blogs about writing. She also mentors teen and middle grade writers. Never further than a walk from the Pacific Ocean, Rebecca migrated the West Coast, living in Vancouver, Canada, then San Diego and Orange County, California, landing on a forested island in the Pacific Northwest where she is at work on her next novel, How I Learned to Play Guitar.

Song quotes 2


Song quotes


Hello Readers, bloggers and authors

As some of you may know, reading is just something I enjoy and not what I want as my career in life. I currently hold a masters degree in k-6 teaching and ever since I graduated, I have been trying to pass tests in order to become a certified teacher. 

I am here to say that I have to put my reading and reviewing on hiatus for now. I do have a few projects that I am currently doing (ie, reading a manuscript and reading three books that were sent to me from publishers/PR companies). Those will be the only things I will be working on right now as I study for my exams. 

Yes, it only slightly saddens me that all those ARCs I snagged at BEA/BookCon may not be read before its release, but what’s more important, getting a review out, or passing tests that will help me out in the long run? The books will still be there.  Reading is something I love to do as a hobby, but becoming a teacher is my absolute goal. 

Wish me luck!! 

Thanks for being there! 

Review: Fragile Facade

fragile facade

Fragile Facade by Sophie Davis

Goodreads ¦ Amazon

Pub Date: June 2014

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Before I get into the actual review I have to tell everyone how much I adore the authors! Sophie Davis is a pseudonym for two amazing women who are best friends. They are the reason why I was able to go to BEA and BookCon and for that I will be eternally grateful to them! I received this book while at BEA and I have to admit that I was tempted to rate it 5 stars just because the authors are angels. Luckily for me, my love for the book was just as strong as my love for the authors (:

I went into this book blind, I didn’t read the summary on the back or any reviews on Goodreads, so it was really interesting to be immersed into a world…

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Official ‘Shadowhunters’ Website Launches

TMI Source

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.32.31 AM

ABC Family has launched its official website for Shadowhunters, its adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s worldwide bestselling books.

The website features information about the show, social media information for the cast and crew, as well as exclusives, including a first look video at the weapons room of the Shadowhunters set. You can watch that here.

If you check the Fandemonium section you might spot a familiar face.

Shadowhunters premieres in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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Bookitcon Online Sales!!! *Special Announcement!*


Hello everyone! I have very, very exciting news to share. So, as most of you know, I am putting together a book event called Bookitcon on Sunday, August 9th. It is taking place in Moorestown, NJ, and it’s sure to be a lot of fun! There are currently over 25 Young Adult authors participating!

I am currently selling tickets for the event plus accepting donations. 🙂 You can buy your ticket AND/OR make a donation by clicking HERE!

But, you already know all of that. You might be asking, “So Nori, what’s the exciting news?’

Well, I am very excited to announce that ONLINE SALES for Bookitcon are now READY TO GO!!! Yes, you read that right. UBUbiz is offering anyone who is unable to attend Bookitcon the chance to buy books (and have them signed) by the authors participating at the event. 🙂

Isn’t that exciting? I know that I’m…

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Top Ten Tuesday #39: Freebie- BEA Edition!!!


This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is: FREEBIE WEEK!

So, with BEA coming up, I knew that I wanted to do something fun, but I couldn’t decide how to fit everything that I wanted to do into one list of 10, and so…I might have gone a bit overboard!

Also, if I missed anyone, I’m TERRIBLY sorry! It’s so hard to keep track of everyone. But please- if you’re going to BEA and I didn’t mention you, let me know! I’d love to see as many people as possible there 🙂

Top 26 People I NEED to Meet at BEA (listed in no particular order):
Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity
Stephanie @ Cuddlebuggery
Xander @ Forever Bookish
Danielle @ Love At First Page
Britt @ Please Feed The Bookworm
Crystal @ Bookiemoji
Hazel @ Stay Bookish
Dana @ Dana Square
Octavia @ Read Sleep Repeat

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