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Review of Meet Cute by Various authors

Favorite Book Quotes

Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno

“You’ve been thinking that a lot lately, all the teeny tiny choices that can change your entire life.”

“You imagine it, staring up at the sky with nobody else around, like if you weren’t careful you could fly right off the face of the earth and never be heard from again.”

“You’re dimly aware that you’re making him up in your mind even as he’s sitting here, like you’re writing yourself into a story. You’re dimly aware that Wolf is making you up, too.”

“Wolf puts both his hands on your face. You want to stay like this forever even though you know it’s impossible, that it’s just a weird stopover…”

“Your heart is a siren wailing deep inside your chest.”

Print shop by Nina Lacour

“… Plus, I wanted to learn how to make that kind of magic. Ink and metal and screens and paper. I wanted something to do with my hands.”

“The red lights were brighter than ever. The sky was dark and the trees rose tall around me. I could hear my own breath. I was aware of everything…”

Click by Katharine McGee

“The first snow. That has always been Claire’s favorite day of the year. It’s when the world feels full of magic, when anything seems possible, Claire used to say, with an infectious smile.”

“Raden’s eyes were very warm and very serious. “No one wants to hang art like that anymore. All they want are little square-shaped selfies they can post online.”

“It was as if she were feeling everything for the first time: the way she’d felt after her first kiss, or after she’d built her first working computer program. As if the entire world was raw and new and bursting with possibility.”

The Intern by Sara Shepard

“Phineas’s eyes flicked back and forth, as if he was slowly processing every inch of the moment: the smell of the sewer, the sound of the traffic, the glinting crystal collar on the dog passing by. Then he tipped his mouth to my ear…”

“…” I look at you, and I see Pele,” Phineas said to me, taking both of my hands in his and shaking them. “You are Pele. You just don’t know it.””

“I closed my eyes, my heart thudding so hard it was making me tremble, and I felt him pull me closer, closer until we were stuck together, until we were melded into one.”

Oomph by Emery Lord

“”It’s like trying to figure out a painting. Maybe you have a little context – the year it was painted, or maybe you’ve seen the artist’s other work before. But you’re largely inferring. It’s just paying attention to detail and an educated guess. Why this angle? What was going on in the artist’s life? Sometimes, I think, knowing that for sure takes the fun out of it. I like to speculate.”

“So why, sitting here with her, do I want to empty my pockets and show her everything I own? Every flaw, every quirk. The full coins and fun wrappers, every trivial and unglamorous part of who I am.”

The Dictionary of You and Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“As soon as I pushed open the main lobby door, the musty scent of books hit me… I loved that smell.”

“I crossed the main floor, passing the reference section that saw about the same amount of action as I did. Boyfriendless since the end of last summer, I was officially giving up on the whole dating thing.”

The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love by Jocelyn Davies

“Something thst never would have happened if the constellation of minuscule events in my life hadn’t aligned perfectly to deliver me to this exact moment.”

“And here is the sad thing about the subway, the one true, sad thing: just as suddenly as someone comes into your life, they are gone. The same constellation of minuscule events that aligned to bring me here are shifting, unraveling, pulling farther and farther away comes into the cosmos.”

“The idea that you have to meet someone in an adorable way in order for it to be meaningful is nonsensical. “

“Everything connects eventually”

“People passed each other all the time in New York. Lives intersected and then diverged and went on their way. Once in a blue moon, maybe, an encounter would leave a person’s life changes. But most of the time it didn’t.”

“There were mysteries yet to be solved. And this was one of them. The day out stories finally led us to meet face-to-face was the day nothing at all went according to plan. The day we met was an anomaly. “

259 Million Miles by Kass Morgan

“”I inhaled the sweet, sweet scent of aged paper, glue, and library dust. I didn’t huff the book itself. That would be amazing, though. Imagine stories going straight to your brain!””

“”It’s Modern English. What? Don’t you like eighties music?”

“No, not particularly.”

“That’s probably because you haven’t listened to enough,” she says…”

“”That moment when the band you’ve been waiting for all night comes onto the stage, and their opening chords release something inside of you.” She sighs. “I don’t there’s a better feeling in the world. When the bass kicks in, and you can’t tell if it’s coming from the speakers or your own heart. And you know everyone else feels the same way, and you’re all connected by the music.””

Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick

“… God, this was the reason you don’t date. You need a translator, and you can’t afford one. “

“You search his face, almost squinting to see past his color-changing eyes to what might not be changeable about him. To look beyond the looks.”

“What you get to keep is the friendship – and someday more – of that boy whose life unexpectedly collided with yours, who made it a resolution to right a wrong, whatever way he could.”

The Department of Dead Love by Nicola Yoon

“”What do you think the difference between wanting to be friends and wanting to be more than friends is?”…

“I blurt out my theory: “Some people you want to get to know and some people you want to know you. I think that’s the difference.””

“”…I want to know you. I want to be known by you.””

Goodreads Synopsis

Meet Cute by Jennifer L. Armentrout Sona Charaipotra, Dhonielle Clayton, Katie Cotugno, Jocelyn Davies, Nina LaCour, Emery Lord, Katharine McGee, Kass Morgan, Meredith Russo, Sara Shepard, Nicola Yoon, Ibi Zoboi, Julie Murphy

Whether or not you believe in fate, or luck, or love at first sight, every romance has to start somewhere. MEET CUTE is an anthology of original short stories featuring tales of “how they first met” from some of today’s most popular YA authors.

My Review

5/5 stars

My goodness!! I absolutely LOVE anthology books! I like the fact that anthology books gives you a little snippet of different authors and their stories. In this anthology, I was able to enjoy another great story by Jennifer L. Armentrout, be introduced to Emery Lord and Nicola Yoon, whom I have two books of and many of the other authors in this book.

Many of these stories showed you how people meet and gave you just enough to enjoy their story. I liked the stories that allowed you to be a part of the characters lives in the beginning and of where they may be headed. There were some stories that mainly focused on one character and then suddenly meet who they were meant to meet and then the story just. Ends! I don’t usually mind cliffhangers, but I get more out of a story by reading the interactions between multiple characters than just the one.

Even though this book is definitely for the imagination, these stories were wonderful to read, even the ones that may not have had a happy ending.

I really enjoyed how each story was different from the next. I would highly recommend this book to those who are big fans of rom coms or those who love anthology books. However, if you are not a fan of rom coms, then maybe don’t read this book, because it would most likely cause you to roll your eyes… a lot

Happy reading!


Review of Radio Head by Rebecca Laclair

Favorite book quotes

“I never met anyone else who can do it, get an earful of everything that makes up a person just by touching them. It’s a one-sided conversation, a blind confessional, listening to a stranger who can’t hear me. And lonely.”

“Songs are all about those things, even when the lyrics aren’t. The rise and fall of the tempo and the melody tell all the talkers’ stories of troubles, of triumphs, of people hurt or lost, or reunited. There’s nothing the talkers can say that the music hasn’t already told me.”

“I can almost feel the warmth of their regard for one another when I realize I’ve been holding my breath, longing for my own connection, a hand to hold mine that won’t let go.”

“”You got to tune in to the pulse of the moment. It’s a chance encounter, Shelby, that’s what she used to say.””

“”We’re all observers of people, students of the human condition, aren’t we, Zach? Its how we navigate the social arena, and realize the truth of ourselves – within the context of our interactions.””

“”The sound of your voice is a part of me.””

“”I think what Auden was getting at here is that we not only have feelings about the events of our lives, but we insist on having those feelings. We nurture and coddle them by reliving those events in New relationships, gravitate towards movies, books-and in your case, songs-which identify with your own personal experience.”

“Music and feelings are innate. Each other’s cause and effect. You hear music, you respond. You feel, and music interprets your emotions.”

“”…give yourself permission to explore your own truth.””

“Music is the language of every person on this planet, but it all boils down to the same thing..””

“”Words can be misunderstood, used against you, teisted, and thrown back in your face. Not music. I always understand music. It’s the only thing I trust and the only people who know me are the people who trust it too.””

“There is a thread tying each song back to him, speaking his story. I can hear him, but I’m stumbling to find the connection between Zac and his band’s music”.

“I’ve never known anyone like you…I can’t begin to figure you out, but that only makes me more attracted to you. I want to know you. Everything there is to know about you…”

“If we’re honest about our true nature, all who are honest will know us…”

” But my language, the sounds of which aren’t words but say more than words have, or ever will have, the capability or power to convey.”

“We immerse ourselves in the patterns, rhythms, notes, and lyrics of the songs we create.”

“A song can have several meanings or memories attached to it, depending on who hears it, when, and the significance to them at the time.”

“Neither of us speaks. What on earth would we say? We’ve found our own truths in our connection, and even a kiss is unnecessary tonight.”

“…but he doesn’t know who he is. So how can he know what he wants?”

“My song is about not looking back, but looking forward. It’s about taking chances. It’s about being heard, really heard, and being given a voice to speak the unspeakable.”

“We have something together that is ours alone, an uncommon treasure, and he doesn’t want to hide it any longer.”

“Placing my hand in his, I hear him immediately. The soul of my being is amplified, my own song amplified to twice the volume. My mirror self. It’s nearly flawless, without the distortion of his former habits. Alive.”

“I can, and I hope we can learn to translate what we hear into something bigger and more valuable than what we’ve settled for apart.

Goodreads synopsis:

Shelby Rey can hear you like a song. With one touch, she’s in tune with your every hope, every secret. When a celebrity-psychiatrist takes an interest in her case, Shelby comes face-to-face with Zac Wyatt, the lead singer of the world-famous rock band, Grounder. For Zac, success isn’t enough though. He wants a shot at his first solo album, fame above and beyond Grounder. But the genius behind every one of Grounder’s hits is Stanford Lysandre, their heroin-addicted, self-taught lead guitarist. Zac is so jealous he could kill him. Determined to win, Zac realizes that Shelby can do what he can’t —

hear the music inside him, uncover his feelings, and help him create his own singular style. As Shelby gets closer to the band, she discovers Stanford’s secret to writing his music. It’s a power very familiar to hers, but life-affirming and not destructive. Can Shelby hide her connection to Zac’s enemy?

My Review

5/5 stars

**I received this book for free from Sara Lien of Lien Public Relations in exchange for an honest review**

I was drawn to this book right from the get go. I thought it was such an interesting idea to have the main character be able to match music to an individual. In life, you can easily get a certain vibe from people, so it was really cool that the character in this novel can hear music specific to each individual she comes into contact with.

I was also drawn to this book because music was such an influence in many of the characters lives. Each of the characters used music to express themselves in their own individual ways. I personally have always liked lyrics of songs because of the feeling the words give you. I admit that I am not the best at expressing myself, but I can always pinpoint a song that expresses what I am feeling.

For me personally, I like when you read books where the characters have something unique about who they are, but that they initially keep it to themselves. I’m always drawn to characters who keep some part of who they are to themselves until they meet someone who they trust enough to share it with (which of course happens in this book).

The writing of this book was so beautiful and lyrical. Even though I don’t know much about music, the feeling the author gave in describing how the characters felt about one another through music was amazingly unique. I have never read a book where so much is described through music and what you could hear. It gave me a different feeling than reading books that describe things through visuals. What is also unique about this book is that the author gives you a third person view of the story but from different character perspectives. I absolute LOVE when authors do this (but so often it’s only through the eyes of two characters and in first person).

LaClair is able to write in multiple perspectives all through the same situation. What I mean is that it gives you an idea that each individuals will see certain situations how they want to see them. Some readers may find this chaotic in a way, but I thought this was a way for readers to see how chaotic things can be in ones life.

I really feel that anyone would enjoy this book. From those who LOVE music, to those who enjoy reading from different points of view. You will absolutely be immersed in this book.

*be sure to check out my other posts from the lovely Rebecca LaClair

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Review of Wonder Woman:Warbringer (DC Icons #1) by Leigh Bardugo

Goodreads Synopsis:

Daughter of immortals.

Princess Diana longs to prove herself to her legendary warrior sisters. But when the opportunity finally comes, she throws away her chance at glory and breaks Amazon law—risking exile—to save a mortal. Diana will soon learn that she has rescued no ordinary girl, and that with this single brave act, she may have doomed the world.

Daughter of death.

Alia Keralis just wanted to escape her overprotective brother with a semester at sea. She doesn’t know she is being hunted by people who think her very existence could spark a world war. When a bomb detonates aboard her ship, Alia is rescued by a mysterious girl of extraordinary strength and forced to confront a horrible truth: Alia is a Warbringer—a direct descendant of the infamous Helen of Troy, fated to bring about an age of bloodshed and misery.


Two girls will face an army of enemies—mortal and divine—determined to either destroy or possess the Warbringer. Tested beyond the bounds of their abilities, Diana and Alia must find a way to unleash hidden strengths and forge an unlikely alliance. Because if they have any hope of saving both their worlds, they will have to stand side by side against the tide of war.

Favorite quotes

“Planes crashed. Ships were wrecked upon the rocks. That was the nature of the mortal world. It was a place where disaster could happen and often did. Human life was a tide of misery, one that never reached the island’s shores. “

“We cannot spend our lives in hiding, wondering what we might accomplish if given the chance. We have to take the chance ourselves…”

“The world had a beautiful logic to it, hidden patterns that would reveal themselves if you could just learn to see them.”

” You make things happen or they happen to you.”

“”And I’m much more comfortable reading than at parties. So, yeah, not much chance at normal.””

”Some sorrows had to be borne alone.”

“She let herself yield to the pressure of his hand, the tilt of his body-for now. Dancing might not be quite like fighting, but you still had to be careful when someone stepped into your guard.”

“”We can’t help the way we’re born. We can’t help what we are, only what life we choose to make for ourselves.”

””Depending on how you look at it. As they fought, their respect for each other grew. They fell in love, but as they were matched in strength, so were they matched in stubbornness. They died in each others arms and, with their last breaths, spoke their vows. The gods placed them in the sky, where they might remain forever, neither diminished by the others brightness, ruling their corner of the night in haughty isolation.””

” Maybe she’d needed to choose the path for herself. Maybe she’d fought harder because she’d known she had no one else to believe in her.”

My Review

5/5 stars

I absolutely LOVED this book!

I most recently became a fan of Wonder Woman, because, obviously, she kicks ass. So when I found out at BookCon that there was a YA book release of Wonder Woman as a teenager, I knew I had to get it. Unfortunately, I missed out on getting a copy at BookCon, but I got my copy at my favorite bookstore called The Strand.

This book did NOT disappoint. This was the first book that I’ve ever read by Leigh Bardugo and I am so happy I did. Her characters were well developed, all with their own unique personalities. Even though there weren’t a lot of characters, I still liked some aspect of each of the characters. I enjoyed how this book was written through the eyes of the teenage version of Diana Prince, before she becomes Wonder Woman. There were a lot of funny parts, of course when she comes to the World of Man, and does not understand/follow what is the norm of how woman/girls are supposed to be. Bardugo definitely stayed true to who Wonder Woman was known for. The story in itself was so interesting!

The imagery and descriptions of the scenery in this book were INCREDIBLE. One of the things that a book must have to be good is the ability to paint an image without me having to second guess what the scene is supposed to look like. This book made me have an interest in Bardugo’s other books.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone. People who are a fan of Wonder Woman and Leigh Bardugo’s work would absolutely enjoy reading this book.

Review of How to Hang a Witch (How to Hang a Witch #1) by Adriana Mather

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Goodreads synopsis:

It’s the Salem Witch Trials meets Mean Girls in a debut novel from one of the descendants of Cotton Mather, where the trials of high school start to feel like a modern day witch hunt for a teen with all the wrong connections to Salem’s past.

Salem, Massachusetts is the site of the infamous witch trials and the new home of Samantha Mather. Recently transplanted from New York City, Sam and her stepmother are not exactly welcomed with open arms. Sam is the descendant of Cotton Mather, one of the men responsible for those trials and almost immediately, she becomes the enemy of a group of girls who call themselves The Descendants. And guess who their ancestors were?
If dealing with that weren’t enough, Sam also comes face to face with a real live (well technically dead) ghost. A handsome, angry ghost who wants Sam to stop touching his stuff. But soon Sam discovers she is at the center of a centuries old curse affecting anyone with ties to the trials. Sam must come to terms with the ghost and find a way to work with The Descendants to stop a deadly cycle that has been going on since the first accused witch was hanged. If any town should have learned its lesson, it’s Salem. But history may be about to repeat itself.

My review:

Five out of five stars

This has been one of the best books I have read this year. It’s has been months since I’ve read something and stuck with it. There’s a funny story with how I came to have this book. I was actually on Facebook and came across the book trailer. I ended up sending the book trailer to one of my really good friends, who loves anything involving the paranormal, because I figured she would be interested in the book. Months later, I come to find out that she actually bought me the book for a Christmas present! I was so stoked and couldn’t believe she got it.

I was so engrossed in this book that I really didn’t want to put it down. This book has a nice flow to it and well written storyline. It follows a teenage girl, who alongside her step mother, move back to Salem Massachusetts, where her family originally come from. As soon as she moves to town, strange things begin to happen. The townspeople begin to believe that she is the one to blame for all the strangeness happening, as well as the students who are direct descendants of those hung during the Salem witch trials.

I found this book so interesting to read because the author compared the behaviors of people during the Salem witch trials to that of bullying in modern times. I never thought of this as a parallel until the author explains this in the Authors Note. It is intriguing how similar these events are in how one/many can accuse something of something, convince others (whether true or not) and isolate the person being targeted.

I enjoyed how suspenseful the book was because you had no idea who the “bad guy” was in the story. It was fun to try and piece together the clues and to figure who was committing all the gruesome events throughout the book. There was never a dull moment when I was reading this and I almost wished it never ended. The story flowed very smooth and you felt as though you were a part of the events that Samantha experience and not as though you were simply reading a story. The author also includes actual historical people and events, such as what occurred during the Salem Witch Trials during the 1600’s).

I am looking forward to reading the second book that the author is currently writing.

Oh and very cool side note. The author is actually the 12th descendent to someone that lived and played a big part in the Salem Witch Trials. Definitely read his book if you’re a fan of paranormal and historical fiction!

Author websites:




SBPT 2016: favorite quotes from Sophia of Quality Fangirls

Hello readers!! Today is the

7th Sunday of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2016!! Today we are welcoming Sophia of Quality Fangirls where she will share some of her favorite quotes and tells us why they are her favorite!

One of the great things about reading is that it leaves you with an infinite amount of memorable quotes. Things that are important and significant to each and every one of us. Here are some of my favorite quotes!

“Or maybe it’s not a miracle. Maybe this is just life. When you open yourself up to it. When you put yourself in the path of it. When you say yes.”

 Just One Day by Gayle Forman

I find this quote to be so important because a lot of the times the only thing holding us back is ourselves. We make our own lives complicated, we find reasons why we cannot rather than finding reasons to say that we can. The only way to really live is to just do it. Is to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and say yes to all the things that we want to do.

“Life and death were so unpredictable. So close to each other. We existed moment to moment, never knowing who would be the next to leave this world.”

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

Just like the last quote this one is along the same lines (just slightly morbid). It important to remember that we won’t be here forever. Morbidity is only scary when we don’t channel it to push ourselves to make the most of it. We don’t ever know what’s going to happen day to day and therefore we should always be making the most of our time.

“The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”

 Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

This quote is sooooo true. Once we’re comfortable and secure in who we are everything else falls into place. The people who know themselves the best are always the ones that don’t get thrown off by other people’s comments. When you know who you are and what you want no one can take that away from you.


Thank you so much Sophia for sharing your favorite quotes! Be sure to check out Quality Fangirls websites!!

Quality Fangirls

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Review of After You (Me Before You #2) by Jojo Moyes



Favorite Quotes:

“With Will I had never had to consider what I said; talking to him was as effortless as breathing. Now I was good at not really saying anything about myself at all”.

“I want to tell him then. I want to tell him that I don’t know what I feel. I want him but I’m frightened to want him. I don’t want my happiness to be entirely dependent on somebody else’s, to be a hostage to fortunes I cannot control.”

“It was as if a light had gone on: the only way to avoid being left behind was to start moving.”

You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit, it always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone… There is a hunger in you, Clark. A fearlessness. You just buried it, like most people do. Just live well. Just live.”

You never know what will happen when you fall from a great height.”

“”You have a sweet smile, Louisa Clark. It’s one of the several hundred things I like about you.”

“”His smile was slow to come, but when it did, everything fell away from me, as if I had been carrying a weight I hadn’t known.”

“You know, Lily, perhaps some things just take longer than others.”

“‘ You don’t have to let that one thing be the thing that defines you.”‘

“I didn’t think about anything. I just let myself exist in that moment, the deep, deep pleasure of being there next to him, of feeling the weight of him beside me, the space he took up i the atmosphere.”

“And you throw yourself into everything and try not to think about the bruises.”

“Our eyes locked.  And in that moment everything shifted.  I saw what I had really done. I saw that I could be somebody’s center, his reason for staying. I saw that I could be enough.”

“‘There’s no point… I’m not going to jump through hoops to convince you to be with me.”‘

“”That’s life. We don’t know what will happen. Which is why we have to take our chances while we can. And… I think this might be yours.””

“But then I knew better than anyone how the persona you chose to present to the world could be very different from what was really inside. I knew how grief could make you behave in ways you couldn’t even begin to understand.”

I promise, those are the last of my favorite quotes from this book 🙂

Goodreads Synopsis:

“You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. But I hope you feel a bit exhilarated too. Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live well. Just live. Love, Will.”

How do you move on after losing the person you loved? How do you build a life worth living?

Louisa Clark is no longer just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. After the transformative six months spent with Will Traynor, she is struggling without him. When an extraordinary accident forces Lou to return home to her family, she can’t help but feel she’s right back where she started.

Her body heals, but Lou herself knows that she needs to be kick-started back to life. Which is how she ends up in a church basement with the members of the Moving On support group, who share insights, laughter, frustrations, and terrible cookies. They will also lead her to the strong, capable Sam Fielding—the paramedic, whose business is life and death, and the one man who might be able to understand her. Then a figure from Will’s past appears and hijacks all her plans, propelling her into a very different future…

For Lou Clark, life after Will Traynor means learning to fall in love again, with all the risks that brings. But here Jojo Moyes gives us two families, as real as our own, whose joys and sorrows will touch you deeply, and where both changes and surprises await.

My Review:

5/5 stars

When I first mentioned that I was going to read this book, I had said that it took me awhile to decide to read it. I decided to finally read it because I was curious as to was happened to Louisa Clark after the events that occurred in Me Before You.

If you read Me Before You, you’ll recall that we left Louisa off when she had gone to Paris as per Will’s request. He had hoped that she would move on and continue living her life, even if he was not there to see it. In After You, you get to observe what Louisa’s life has been like two years (I believe) after losing Will. I did struggle reading what she was going through without Will because he brought out a different side to her in Me Before You and helped her to see what she was capable of. And yet, without him, she wasn’t the same person she once was. It was so heartbreaking to see Louisa just existing rather than living her life as Will wished she would do. The parts regarding Louisa and her trying to get over her grief of losing Will was extremely well written I felt as though I was going through the motions along with her. This is the second book I have read by Jojo Moyes and I love how she is able to grab the reader right from the start.

There are parts about this book that were absolutely unexpected, which I can’t exactly go into detail about because it is a huge part of the book. This is one of those books that allows readers to see that when you spend so much time with someone, pieces of you are given to them and when they are gone, you feel as though pieces of you are missing. However, it is up to you to decide whether or not you should move on and fill those missing pieces yourself no matter what.

I would definitely recommend reading this book, especially if you loved Me Before You.

SBPT 2016:  Emily of Always Opinionated Girl 

Hello readers!! Today is the 6th Sunday of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2016!! Today we are welcoming Emily of Always Opinionated Girl and ten of her favorite quotes!!
“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Harry Potter

“Usually I’m remarkably good natured. Try me on a day that doesn’t end in y.” The Mortal Instruments

“It was books that made me feel that perhaps I wasn’t completely alone.” The Internal Devices

“I’m more than just a piece in their Games.” The Hunger Games

“When you’ve earned something, I mean really earned it, no one can make you doubt that you deserve it. They can’t say it isn’t yours. There’s something about getting a thing that you’ve bled and fought for that makes the getting that much sweeter.” The Revenge Playbook

“As long as I can still dream, I will dream of you. ” The Mortal Instruments

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” Harry Potter

” The worse part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” The Giver

“I want to change things on my own terms, to show that there’s no right or wrong way to change the world. There’s no entry test. You don’t need to suck anything up. Pay any dues. Just you and your anger and your voice is enough. If you only have the courage to use it.” What’s A Girl Gotta Do?

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Harry Potter

Thank you so much Emily for stopping by with your favorite quotes!!

Be sure to check out Emily’s websites

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Guest post: Ed Duncan, author of  Pigeon-Blood Red 

Hello readers!!

For today’s post, author Ed Duncan will be sharing his favorite quotes/excepts from his book Pigeon-Blood Red

Pigeon-Blood Red is a fast-paced and suspenseful crime thriller by Ed Duncan. It was released in March 2016, published by Zharmae and is available for sale on Amazon.


Duncan says, “It’s always been said that you should write what you know. I am a lawyer – as is a pivotal character in the novel who is being pursued by a hit man – and I’m excited to be able to use my legal training creatively as well as professionally.”


 For underworld enforcer Richard “Rico” Sanders, it seemed like an ordinary job. Retrieve his gangster boss’s priceless pigeon-blood red ruby necklace and teach the double-dealing cheat who stole it a lesson. A job like a hundred before it. But the chase quickly goes sideways and takes Rico from the mean streets of Chicago to sunny Honolulu, where the hardened hit man finds himself in uncharted territory when a couple of innocent bystanders are accidentally embroiled in the crime.

 As Rico pursues his new targets, the hunter and his prey develop an unlikely respect for one another and Rico is faced with a momentous decision: follow his orders to kill the couple whose courage and character have won his admiration, or refuse and endanger the life of the woman he loves?

 Praise for Pigeon-Blood Red

 “Pigeon Blood Red has a dramatic and satisfying conclusion, leaving the reader nodding his head with approval.” – Readers’ Favorite 

 “In a novel with as much action as love, it is sure to be a story that will fulfill the desires of readers of all ages, genders, and areas of interest.” – Red City Review

“This charming, classically-told crime thriller is a must for noir fans…refreshingly old-school pulp, inhabited by a familiar cast of gamblers, con men and hustlers found in Dennis Lehane and Elmore Leonard novels” – Best Thrillers

Favorite Quotes/excerpts: 

Pigeon-Blood Red tells the story of an underworld enforcer on the hunt for a stolen “pigeon-blood red” ruby necklace worth millions. He trails the thief from Chicago to Honolulu, but the chase goes sideways after the hardened hit man develops a grudging respect for a couple of innocent bystanders who become embroiled in the crime: the thief’s unsuspecting wife and an old flame who comes to her rescue as the enforcer closes in. The hit man faces a difficult decision: follow orders and kill them or spare them and endanger the life of the woman he loves.

 Rico, the enforcer/hit man, is the driving force behind the novel. I originally envisioned him sharing the spotlight equally with Paul, the lawyer/old flame who comes to the rescue of Evelyn, the unsuspecting wife of Robert, the small businessman and thief. However, Rico fought to become the main character and while I fought back, he ultimately prevailed. I’ve selected several passages from the novel that demonstrate his character, his relationship with his girlfriend Jean, and his relationship with his boss, Frank Litvak. I’ve also selected two brief excerpts that show a bit of interaction between Paul and Evelyn. These excerpts begin to suggest that Paul and Rico have more in common than either cares to admit, a developing theme in this and the next two installments in the trilogy. Finally, I’ve chosen a few passages that I hope evoke the tone and style of the novel.


   A. Rico explains why he had to kill a man.

          Jean was still shaken. “Why did you have to kill him?”

      …He explained in a measured cadence the way a teacher might to a class having difficulty with a concept he’d explained a dozen times before. “He tried to cap me a minute ago because he was in a hurry. No way did he deserve to leave here in one piece. But I gave him a shot. He didn’t take it.”

     “I don’t care. You didn’t have to — 

     “Yes, I did, sweetheart…. I didn’t need to be looking over my shoulder every day, waiting for him to show up and take another crack. I already have enough reasons to watch my back because of shit I can’t control. Him I could control.”

     B. Rico shows his indifference to what other people think.

     “Why should we believe you?” Evelyn asked unsteadily.

       “Believe what you want,” Rico said with utter indifference. Then he walked to the table where Paul had left his gun and returned it to him. “You forgot this.” He started for the door.

     “What about Honolulu?” Paul said to the retreating back.

       “I hear it’s a nice place to visit,” Rico said, without looking back or slowing his pace.

     “I think you should wait for the police.”

     “I don’t.”

     When he reached the door, Paul pointed his weapon at his back. “Wait!” But Rico didn’t wait. He kept walking.”


     A. Thoughts of Jean while on the hunt in Honolulu

     He left his .45 in the room safe and went down to the beach. He took off his shoes and socks and rolled up his pant legs. And when his bare feet started to burn, he trotted, then loped toward the lapping waves until his feet met the cool, wet sand. Again, thoughts of Jean intruded. I must be getting old.

     B. Rico discusses his credo with Jean.

     “How could you say it was just business?”

     “Because it was.”

     Tired of banging her head against the wall, Jean stood and joined him at the window. “I give up.”

     “It’s who I am, Jean. From day one I never tried to hide that from you.”

     “I know, but there’s more to you than what you do. You said so yourself. If there wasn’t, do you think I could be with you now after what you did? I see something in you that you don’t see in yourself.”

     “You see what you want to see, but I am who I am.”

     “And why are you here with me?”

     “Because we understand each other.”

     “Sometimes I think you do understand me, Rico, maybe even more than I understand myself. But I don’t think I’ll ever understand you. I don’t think anybody does.”

     “One out of two ain’t bad.”


     A. Litvak’s insecurity

     Rico and Jerry had been standing at the door patiently waiting for Litvak’s lecture to end. Being the good soldier, Jerry looked at Robert and said, “You can take that to the bank.”

   Rico, meanwhile, made eye contact with Litvak and started out the door.

     Jerry had felt obliged to deliver the affirmation Litvak’s insecurity demanded, but Litvak still needed Rico’s endorsement. He repeated, in a tone that didn’t so much demand as plead, “Right, Rico?”

    Rico paused and produced a smile that was barely there. “Anything you say.”

     Litvak frowned but the comment would have to do.

     B. Litvak threatens Jean.

     “And one more thing. That job gets done even if something happens to me. I don’t think you have the balls but why take chances? Enough said?”

     “That would be a mistake.”

     “I don’t think so. See, I threaten you, you don’t give a shit, because you’re Mr. Tough Guy. You think nobody can take you out. But I say she gets it, it’s a different story because you don’t know when and you don’t know how.”

     “I was you, I wouldn’t bring her into this.”

     “You ain’t me and I just did.”


     A. Evelyn discovers that Paul is always in control (not unlike Rico).

     “You surprised me,” Evelyn said after a few blocks. You’re always so …”

     “In control?”

     “Exactly. How did you know what I was thinking?”

     “I’m a good guesser.”

     “In all the years we’ve known each other I’ve never seen you lose your temper.”

     “You found me out.”

     “No, seriously, Paul. Even back there with Litvak I’m not sure you really lost it. Your reaction was – I don’t know – calculated.”

     “Mostly it was reflexes.”


     “Then you admit there was some calculation involved.”


    “You’re a strange guy, Paul. Nice, but strange.”

     B. Paul admires Rico

     Evelyn sensed that he hadn’t fully acquiesced. “Paul, you really shouldn’t.”

     “Shouldn’t what?”

     “Admire him – even a little.”

     “Believe me, Evelyn, I don’t.”

     But he did – a little. And she knew it.


 A. Luau floor show

     It began with a chorus of enchanting hula dancers with undulating bellies and gyrating hips, that enthralled the men in the audience and impressed the women, and culminated in an intricate routine performed by a man whose sole prop was a baton that sprouted flames at both ends. He twirled it nimbly between the fingers of both hands before tossing it impossibly high in the air again and again and catching it each time behind his back with one hand.

 B. Murder at the luau

     [His] head snapped to one side and his body, as though launched by a slingshot, flew out of his chair and hit the ground. All music and motion abruptly halted as scores of eyes searched the night, trying to understand the crackle that had pierced the air. Then someone yelled “a gunshot” and there was pandemonium….

       … She gasped once, twice, three times, but no sound escaped her. Then the same awful sound rang out again and her head flew backward, leading the rest of her body to the ground.

     Rico rose quickly and donned his sunglasses. After years of wearing them at night, his eyes adjusted quickly. He reached under his jacket, unholstered his .45 and unscrewed the silencer so that the next shots he fired would create maximum panic….

     Rico thrust both arms out and up in front of him, his left hand joining his right around the butt of the gun. As his arms came level with his shoulders, they snapped to a stop, the abruptness of which caused Evelyn to flinch. As she came into focus, staring anxiously into the barrel of the Sig Sauer, the slightest smile creased his face and the muscles in his arms relaxed. As swiftly as he’d hoisted it, he holstered the .45, turned on his heel, and disappeared once more into the darkness ….

 C. Attempted pickup

     She also wore a ring on her left ring finger, but no husband was in sight. Ray leered at her from the moment she walked in, and as she glanced around the room, her eye caught his. She smiled demurely and he lifted his beer in a silent toast. Without acknowledging the gesture she turned away, crossed her legs seductively, and trained her eyes on the door. That was all Ray needed. He took another swig, winked at Archie, and sidled over to her table. She was still looking at the door when he got there, but she sensed his presence and he knew it.

     “You alone?” he asked.

     Without looking up she placed her left hand palm down on the table in front of him so that her wedding ring was plainly visible.

     “I already saw that,” he said.

     Still not turning to face him she said, with less urgency than circumstances warranted, “My husband is parking the car. He should be here any minute.”

     “Maybe later then.”

     “No, that’s not possible.” Her words said no but her eyes said maybe. Ray flashed a smile she pretended not to see and returned to the bar.

Thank you to Ed for sharing these excerpts! Be sure to check out the series Pigeon-Blood Red!! 

About Ed Duncan

 Ed Duncan is a graduate of Oberlin College and Northwestern University Law School. He was a partner at a national law firm in Cleveland, Ohio for many years. He currently lives outside of Cleveland, OH and is at work on the second installment in the Pigeon-Blood Red trilogy. To learn more, go to

 Readers can connect with Ed on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2016: Melissa of The Reader and The Chef

Hello readers!! Today is the 5th Sunday of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2016!! Today we are welcoming Melissa  of The Reader and the Chef  and ten of her favorite quotes!!  

1. “Sometimes, one must do the unthinkable, for it is the only way to accomplish the impossible.”

Hidden Huntress by Danielle L. Jensen
2. “I cannot stop the world from moving. All I can do is be prepared for when it does.”

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen
3. “Fear can be good, Laia. It can keep you alive. But don’t let it control you. Don’t let it sow doubts within you. When the fear takes over, use the only thing more powerful, more indestructible, to fight it: your spirit. Your heart.” – An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
4. “Maybe sorrow and its opposite, happiness, are like dark and light. One can’t exist without the other. And those moments of overlap are like when the moon and the sun share the same sky.” – Outsun the Moon by Stacey Lee
5. “I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed. ‘Never be ashamed,’ my ol’ dad used ter say, ‘there’s some who’ll hold it against you, but they’re not worth bothern’ with.” – Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
6. “Love, it never dies. It never goes away, it never fades, so long as you hang on to it. Love can make you immortal” – If I Stay by Gayle Forman
7. “Our scars make us know that our past was for real.” – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
8. “Sometimes all we have is the knowledge that something extraordinary exists in the universe, even if we can’t be the ones to claim it. Sometimes that has to be enough.” – The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash
9. “There is no religion without love, and people may talk as much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man and beast, it is all a sham.” – Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
10. “I hope you will grow up gentle and good, and never learn bad ways; do your work with a good will, lift your feet up well when you trot, and never bite or kick even in play.” – Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Melissa’s Bio:

Melissa (also known as Melissa de Montigny on Twitter) is a book blogger and reviewer, currently living in Mexico with a degree in Foreign Trade and Customs. Her favorite genres are fantasy, contemporary, and all things Young Adult with a hint of romance (if it has book princes, the better!). When she’s not reading, Melissa loves to hang around Twitter professing her love for books, eating sweets, and staring at her collection of books. You can find her at The Reader and the Chef (her blog), YA Books Central (staff reviewer), and on Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers.

Social Links: Twitter . Instagram . Facebook

Thank you so much Melissa for stopping by my blog!! 

Reading slump :-(

So for the past few days, I’ve tried reading Eleanor & Park and Nowhere but Here. But for some reason, I just can’t get through those two books. I doubt it’s because they aren’t good books, I’m just not feeling a connection to the books right now, sadly.

 So I’m going to try a third time and read Forever with You by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

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