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Great news! Two of my favorite gals, who write together under the pen name, Sophie Davis, just released the second book in their Dark Court Series!!!

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Amazon Synopsis:

Throne of Fire (The Dark Court Series #2) by Sophie Davis

She has to tell him. But she’ll lose him when she does. 

Life under the dome has never been more tense. The fragile peace between casters and fae shows more cracks every day. Despite spending more and more time at Iolani Palace with Prince Kai, Brie Hawkins is lonelier than ever. Her relationship with the royal has always been a source of gossip but now it’s a matter of state, too. The paparazzi hound her wherever she goes. Kai’s advisors are concerned her past makes her an unsuitable companion, and they don’t even know the secret she’s been hiding since her first date with the royal caster.

When Kai arranges an interkingdom fight in Los Angeles for Brie, so they can get away together, she thinks it’s a chance to go back to the way their relationship was before it became public. She longs for the time when they snuck dates and stole kisses without the eyes of a nation following their every breath. But when she runs into someone from her past, the whole game changes for Brie. In fact, it’s no longer a game at all.

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Amazon Synopsis:

Throne of Winter (The Dark Court Series #1) by Sophie Davis

She’s the Fire Fae of Legend. 
He’s the Warlock Heir to the Throne of Winter. 

Maybrie Hawkins is the badass who dominates the Dark Court’s fight pits where fae and shifters battle for powers. The royals chant her name, like she’s a goddess instead of a lowly entertainer.
Like all Casters, Kai needs the shared powers of a fae to do more than basic magic on his own. The strongest bonds are forged via love, and it’s time for him to find a match.

His sights are set on her.
She’s not impressed. 

Maybrie doesn’t have time to be courted by the Prince of Winter. A rebellion is brewing, an uprising against the Casters. The dome of the Dark Court is the only thing protecting them from the frozen wasteland beyond, but the fae are done pandering to the Magicals in exchange for safety.
And Brie doesn’t pander to anyone.
Can Kai keep up?

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Amazon Synopsis:

Throne of Blood (The Dark Court Series #3) by Sophie Davis

It’s true what they say, you can never go home again. With Brie’s secret out in the open, there is only one thing left to do…

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