Favorite Book Quotes:

“I concentrated on his image, trying to keep it forefront in my thoughts. A part of me understood that he was keeping me from losing myself, from turning completely cyborg.”

“She was mysterious yet uncomplicated. Beautiful yet modest. Brilliant yet humble. And she liked me, not for my name or my money but despite both. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what it was she liked about me, though if asked, she would laugh and say it was the sense of normalcy I brought to her life.”

Goodreads Synopsis:

Alice lives under the radar, in her small Maryland town where nothing ever happens. And that’s how she likes it. But three months ago, her quiet life was upended when Trey Hensley moved to Mankton to attend the elite Mansfield Prep boarding school, bringing with him the paparazzi. And chaos. A whole lot of chaos.

My Review:

4.75/5 stars

Sophie Davis has always been one of my go to authors to read. And yep, they did an amazing job yet again! I liked the fact that you were thrown into the action pretty much right from the get-go. I’m usually not fond of books that build up the tension. I personally would much rather have things happen right off the bat. It was cool that Sophie Davis wrote about a main character that didn’t know much about her past, but neither did the reader based on the point of view that the author (s) wrote the story. You definitely got a sense of what Alice was going through about not having a lot of back story to her life. This is what I love about Sophie Davis’s books, is that there is an ability to immerse you into the characters life and what they may be going through.

The story overall, was very well written. I will say there was one small part towards the last half of the book that had me a little confused about how Alice was rescued during a certain situation (I don’t want to give too much away).

I was somewhat disappointed when I ended up getting to the epilogue chapter. I felt like there was so much written about Alice and her friends trying to figure out who was after them/who attempted to kidnap her and Trey, and then it just ends. I wish there could’ve been at least two or three more chapters before leading up to the epilogue. It felt like the book just abruptly ended. So I am REALLY hoping that there is a second book to Alice Anonymous. I say that because there ended up being a HUGE bombshell at the end of the book that did cause my mouth to drop, ie, revealing a character that is actually connected to another one of Sophie Davis’s books. And of course, I am not going to say who it is because you’ll just have to read Alice Anonymous yourself.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone. As I said before, Sophie Davis does an amazing job at immersing readers into their stories.

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