Hello Readers!!

This weekend was a bit of a blur… and that’s only because I had so much fun at a big book event!

BookCon Day 2 started my day a little later than the first day. I felt like I had more of an idea what to do when I got there. I first went to an J.L. Willows booth again to get another book signed by her to include in a giveaway (super nice author, by the way).

My first signing was around 11:00, which was a ticketed signing with Danielle Page. The other signing I wanted to get to was Dav Pilkey at 11:30. I scoped around for a bit and decided to go to a “spin the wheel giveaway”. I made a joke to the girl in line with me saying, “watch, I’ll end up getting a little pen”… well guess what? I ended up getting a little pen. I went over to Scholastic, to check on the Dav Pilkey signing and found out that there were already six people in line for the signing at 11:30. Luckily the people at Scholastic were nice enough to let us begin a line (I’ve heard horror stories of the lines at BookCon). While waiting in the Dav Pilkey line, I spotted a book called Cyanide and Happiness, which is all about parenting, by three guys who don’t have kids.

I then finally had the chance to meet Dav Pilkey, who wrote the Captain Underpants and Dogman Books. He was absolutely fantastic. I made sure to tell him that the students I work with love his books.

After his signing I went over to the Danielle Page signing. She again was super nice.


I then mosied around a bit. For both days of BookCon, My blogger friends and I had been trying to meet up, but our schedules never seemed to match up.

I ended up running into Angel from Avid Reader, who I actually met at last years BookCon. She asked if I wanted to go in line for this little giveaway. You basically have to stand in a giant clear box and you have to grab a piece of paper when they turn on the air to win a prize.

I was cracking up at what my paper ended up saying. All it said was Dork. So I said to the girl running it that the paper speaks the truth and laughed. So I ended up getting a Dork Diaries tote bag (which was REALLY nice!). I also did another giveaway where all I had to do was pick a lollipop and I was given a free book.

After doing this, I walked around a bit more and finally ended up running into The Book Bratz. They were the ones that almost ran me over at my first BookCon (and no I will never forget how funny it was). (And there is Angel from Avid Reader sneaking in the picture)

Angel had asked me if I wanted to hang out with them while they waited in line for a secret penguin teen book, but I had to head over to the line for the The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalatos. I initially found out about this book the previous day when I bought another book. I had stopped by the Tyndale Publishing booth earlier in the day Sunday and their sales rep was kind enough to actually put an ARC copy of The Crescent Stone on the side for me just in case I didn’t make it to the signing.

While waiting in line, I met some some really nice people and had wonderful conversations. This is why I love going to these book events. As I was waiting, I noticed there was a unicorn stuffed animal next to the book and asked the author if that’s randomly there or if there is actually a unicorn in the book. As it turns out, there is a unicorn in it!

Later on in the day, I went to my last ticketed signing, which was with Nicola Yoon, who wrote the book Everything, Everything. I actually had an ARC copy from years ago when I went to the Book Expo but never actually read it (oops). I had also already seen the movie before reading the book…another oops.

However, I’ll still definitely read the book because I’ve heard great things about this book. She is definitely another kind author that I’ve met. I don’t think I have met an author that wasn’t nice.

All in all, it was a fun, yet exhausting weekend. I am hoping that I’ll get to go to the Book Expo again at some point and even have my own author book at the expo in the near future.

I hope you enjoy this post! And don’t hesitate to check out the authors I met!

Happy Reading!!