Hello Readers!!!

I have some MAJORLY exciting news for you today!!

For between four and five years, I have been working on a children’s book loosely based on my reading therapy dog. Once I finished writing it, I got the name of an illustrator who is friends with someone I went to undergrad with. Her and I worked back and forth for over a year regarding what each page would look like and making sure each picture matched what I wrote.

After struggling for a few months on getting the front and back cover PERFECT, I FINALLY finished my book! So today’s the day!

I present to you Tate’s Tale! 

Tate’s Tale is the story of Tate, the fastest dog in the neighborhood, and her wish to become a better reader.

I say this book is loosely based on real life because I have a therapy reading dog named Tate. She is a Belgian/German Shepard rescue dog that we bring to schools and libraries for children to read to her. This is such a great opportunity for the children because it calms them down by reading in a judgement free zone with a dog.

I am so excited to be sharing this with you. I hope that this will interest you in getting a copy. This book is perfect for children ages 5-10. I will post the link below for you!



Ever had a goal in mind that you have set to accomplish? Well, here is the story of Tate, the fastest dog in the neighborhood. Join Tate, alongside her friends and family as she sets out to accomplish her goal in… Tate’s Tale!!!

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I will let everyone know when the book becomes available through Amazon!

And ps…. if you’re a blogger and happen to order a copy, I will love you forever if you review it 😀