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 Casting RADIO HEAD:

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Rebecca Laclair


Casting RADIO HEAD: Vote For Your Favorite Actor/Model

Have you ever read a book that made scenes pop into your head, like you were watching it as a movie? The fast-paced sex, drugs and rock’n’roll novel Radio Head from debut author Rebecca Laclair is one of those books. Cinematic and sexy, it’s about a 19-year-old girl with a magical ability to hear music in others, just by touching them.

If you’ve read Radio Head, you may have already imagined what the main character – Shelby Alicia Rey – looks like. The books tells us she lives in Southern California, has wild, long blonde hair, and light-colored, brooding eyes.

But there’s much more to Shelby than her appearance. For Shelby, music is everything. She spends her days and nights immersed in music, it is her shelter from a world gone wrong. She uses music to stimulate arousal centers of the brain that induce euphoria experiences – the same regions triggered by food, sex, and certain drugs. These regions of the brain also perceive and process musical experiences. It’s why music can feel so good, it’s addictive.

Shelby “listens” to others on the inside, by touching them. It helps her understand who they are. Is her special ability to hear music real, or a result of a lifetime of abuse and neglect? We’re all a little crazy, right? It’s up to the reader to decide. Shelby has been at-risk her entire life, and avoids the demons of her past. But she’s hopeful of the unknown future.

If RADIO HEAD were to become a movie, the actor who portrays Shelby would need to be fresh and modern. She’d need to show the audience her rock’n’roll vibe.

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1. Georgia May Jagger. The gorgeous green-eyed daughter of The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger, and supermodel Jerry Hall, has a sweet but edgy rock vibe. Modeling for brands ranging from Rimmel to Versace, Georgia’s signature gap between her front teeth is iconic but low-key, just like Shelby. (photo: Thomas Sabo/Ellen von Unwerth)


 2. Alexandra Richards. This blue-eyed beauty is a model and a DJ in New York City, and the daughter of The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards. At home behind a mixer, she’s a natural for RADIO HEAD’s studio scenes. Music is in Alexandra’s blood. (photo: Benjamin Lozovsky/

3. Riley Keough. The granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley is pop music royalty. A model and actress, Riley has wowed audiences on the big screen in Mad Max: Fury Road, and the rock biopic The Runaways. (Photo:


4. Elle Fanning. The younger sister of Dakota, Elle has a remarkable presence and ethereal beauty, floating effortlessly between the carefree bohemian, and wisdom beyond her years. A remarkable singer, she has the chops to bring to life Shelby’s singing voice in RADIO HEAD. (Photo:

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