Hello Readers! 

I wanted to share with you something I received in the mail today!

The lovely publicist, Sara Lien, of Lien Public Relations, sent me an advanced copy of Rebecca Laclair‘s book Radio Head. (Last summer, Sara had sent me a book called Afognak, by James Rains, which eas incredible…so I have no doubt that this book is really good as well). 

(Here is my copy of Radio Head, featuring my reading buddy)   
Goodreads Synopsis:

Shelby Rey can hear you like a song. With one touch, she’s intune with your every hope, every secret. When a celebrity psychiatrist takes an interest in her case, Shelby comes face-to-face with Zac Wyatt, the lead singer of the world-famous rockband, Grounder. For Zac, success isn’t enough though. He wants a shot at his first solo album, fame above and beyond Grounder. But the genius behind every one of Grounder’s hits is Stanford Lysandre, their heroin-addicted, self-taught lead guitarist. Zac is so jealous he could kill him. Determined to win, Zac realizes that Shelby can do what he can’t-hear the music inside him, uncover his feelings, and help him create his own singular style. As Shelby gets closer to the band, she discovers Stanford’s secret to writing his music. It’s a power very familiar to hers, but life-affirming and not destructive. Can Shelby hide her connection to Zac’s enemy?”

Release Date: February 12, 2016

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I can’t wait to read this book! 

Happy Reading!