2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour Wrap Up

8d118-sbpt152bmemeHello readers!

So today is the final stop of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour where I will be talking about my opinions about the tour as well as reposting the bloggers that I featured, as well as the bloggers that featured me on their blogs. Here are some suggested questions that The Book Bratz provided us to answer:

Q: What did you like about the SBPT?

A: I liked how many different bloggers that were able to meet. I would say that I definitely had more views on my blog as well. I really liked the different and unique posts that the bloggers featured. I especially liked (and thought it was pretty funny) how many bloggers wanted to know my favorite quotes because that is a lot of what my blog is about besides reviewing books.

Q: What would you have changed?

A: I wouldn’t have changed anything about the tour itself, but I wish that I came up with better topics. I felt that I was kind of stuck by just coming up with top 10 posts.

Q: Would you consider joining next year?

A: Absolutely! I just need to come up with better topics for the bloggers

Q: Why do you think your followers should take part in the tour next year?

A: I definitly think my followers should follow next year, because its a great opportunity to meet other bloggers as well as opening your blog to new and different ideas for posts.

Q: What was your favorite part of the entire experience?

A: I’ll say it again.. my favorite part was getting to know and meet new bloggers!

Here are the links for all the posts that I did over this tour:

Week 1: July 5th: Next Page Please! : Top 10 Series

Week 2: July 12th: Booknerd Canada : Top 5 Book Boyfriends

Week 3: July 19th: The Book Bratz : Top 5 OTP’s

Week 4: July 26th: Time Turning Reads : Top 10 favorite sidekicks/secondary characters

Week 5: August 2nd: Ohana Reads : Top 10 Fierce Females

Week 6: August 9th: Crossroad Reviews : Top 5 moments of GeekyCon and Indie Fest

Week 7: August 16th: Reading is my Treasure : Top 10 book to movie adaptations

Week 8: August 23rd: Ana Loves : Top 10 favorite quotes

Here are the links for all the blogs that I was featured on throughout this tour:

Week 1: July 5th: Ana Loves : Infinite Book Challenge

Week 2: July 12th: Reading is My Treasure : Favorite 5 Book Quotes and Why

Week 3: July 19th: Crossroad Reviews : Favorite Book Setting

Week 5: August 2nd: Ohana Reads : Bookish Tattoos (one of my favorites, because it was my favorite quotes but with a twist)

Week 6: August 9th: Time Turning Reads : Favorite Quotes

Week 7: August 16th: Booknerd Canada : Top 5 Book Recommendations

Week 8: August 23rd: Next Page Please! : Guess the book

I hope that you have enjoyed participating and or reading the Summer Blogger Promo Tour and I hope that you join me next year for the 2016 Summer Blogger Promo Tour!!!


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