Hello readers!!  Welcome to the 6th stop of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour!! Today I will featuring the wonderful Jessica of crossroadreviews!!

She recently had the opportunity to attend GeekyCon and Indie BookFest and wanted to share her top 5 pros and cons of both events. I hope you enjoy!!

So thanks so much for having me.

Ok so this past weekend I not only got to go to Geeky 15 but also I was invited to Indie Book Fest 15.  So I got to go to two great events!  

So I’m going to give you the pros and cons of each one!  

If you want to see my pictures you can here. 

Indie Book Fest- Indie BookFest 16

Geekycon- GeekyCon 30

For Geekycon you can also see one of the panels here I took a video – Lets Make Out and Explore

Alright so both of these events have some great pros and cons!  I’m just going to do 5 of each.  

So for Geekycon the pros are the following:

1. Authors- if you are going to be doing the Lit Track and you want to see more main stream big publishing authors like Veronica Roth etc. Then this is the event to go to.  

2. Venue- This is always held at the Orlando Convention center so its right in the middle of everything.  So its a great time to take a vacation to sunny florida. Since you could hit up Universal, Disney, and Seaworld 

3 & 4. Signings and Panels- This event has a ton of panels that run from being published to others just about their books.  It changes every year! 

They also have a signing so you can get some of your books signed by the authors. 

5. Fandoms- If you are addicted to fandoms then this is also the place to go.  Because Geekycon is not just about books. There are some great actors, you tubers, etc there. 

Ok now into the cons.  This is where it gets kinda sucky. 

1. COST- To go to ONLY the lit track stuff is $125 alone!  That includes all the author panels and the signing and the market place.  But you can’t do any of the fandom things.  

2.  Attendies- Since it is such a big event there are always a ton of people.  So the odds that you will get everything signed is few and far.  But you should be able to get anywhere from 3-4 books done. 

3. General Work up.  Although this is not the first year I’ve been to this.  Past years its been called Leakycon.  This year though I have to say that it fell flat.  Panels were moved but we weren’t told.  The market places felt empty. And media passes didn’t include everything they did in the past and we also weren’t told. You would think that an event that has been going on for some time would have the kinks worked out. 

4. Panels- Although some of the panels were great.  There were a few that well just fell flat.  This year they did one on the hard topics of suicide etc.  I thought it was going to be about the books that these people wrote.  On how to write about these topics.  But it wasn’t it was about the authors personal experiences. 

5. Did I mention cost?  If you decide that you want to go to everything its $275 for Gen. and Lit and well if you want to be able to get in faster than its like $300 something for the Rock Stars.  

So for Geekycon you might just want to pay to park and hang out in the general area since you don’t need a ticket.  then just stalk the authors since they tend to hang around chatting.  That way you get all of your books signed and well its free.  I do have to say that I got a picture done with Veronica Roth so that was a happy day!  

So on to Indie Bookfest!  

Alright so pros and cons of this one are pretty simple I don’t know if I’m going to have 5 of each. 


1. The authors have time to shoot the shit as the saying goes.  They have time to take pictures and chat about their stories.  Which is great! 

2. Cost- This event I think if memory serves was $15!!! So way cheap to see about what 50-60 authors. (I think it was about that) 

3. FOOD- If you were a VIP then you got a lunch which was AMAZING!! And they were so nice.  My girls and husband came with me and it was pouring all of a sudden so even through they didn’t pay to have the VIP.  They got to get lunch!  That was so nice of them to allow us to snatch 3 extra means.  

4. Panels- This of course has panels as well and they were great!  From first time authors to bloggers and readers these were great. 

5. Set up- I found out that they did this event in 4 months!  I was amazed at how well the event was!  I mean they out did GeekyCon hands down in that department. 

Cons: Ok so on to the cons.  

1. Authors- No offense I love my indies.  But if your looking for main stream authors than this prob isn’t the event for you.  BUT if you are looking for new books etc than check it out.  They will usually have 1 main author then nothing but indies. 

2. Books- This is another one.  Most of the books at this event were of the adult version.  It would have been nice to see more of a collection of age groups vs. a ton of just one.  

3. Timing: This year the event was at the same time as GeekyCon.  I know that for 2016 its going to be in Oct which is going to be much better.  But it would have been nice for it to be at a different time this year since I missed a lot of stuff. Since I was trying to do both.

4. Signing – It would have been nice if the signing and their selling would have been at two different times.  Because when your trying to see what books you want to buy etc it took us almost the entire 3 hours to get through all of the authors.  Then we ended up with some books that just didn’t appeal to us. 

5. I don’t know a 5th one hahahaha. 

So out of the two events I got to meet a ton of people.  My top  are the following:

1. Veronica Roth author of the Divergent Series 

2. Leigh Bardgo author of the Shadow and Bone series 

3. Holly Black author of Doll Bones and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (I got to meet her last year but didn’t get a chance to get books signed) 

4. Jana Oliver author of the Demon Trappers Daughter

5. Tahreh Mafi author of the Shatter Me series (her I got to meet last year in Miami but it was great to get the other two books signed) 

6. Jenny Han I got both my copies of the Burn for Burn series and To all the boys I’ve loved books signed. 

7. Stephanie Perkins. I didn’t know that the last Isla book was out in paperback I got my other two signed last year.  So I got her to signed a green post it haha

8. Marie Lu I got both my copies of the Legend series signed as well as the young elites. 

9. Sabaa Tahir author of An Ember in the Ashes. I got that signed to!  

So this was a blast! 

Thank you so much Jessica for stopping by today and sharing with us your top 5 pros and cons of GeekyCon and Indie BookFest!!

Tune in next week, where I will be featuring my blogger bestie Ana from AnaLoves, where she will be sharing with us her top ten favorite book quotes!!