As some of you may know, reading is just something I enjoy and not what I want as my career in life. I currently hold a masters degree in k-6 teaching and ever since I graduated, I have been trying to pass tests in order to become a certified teacher. 

I am here to say that I have to put my reading and reviewing on hiatus for now. I do have a few projects that I am currently doing (ie, reading a manuscript and reading three books that were sent to me from publishers/PR companies). Those will be the only things I will be working on right now as I study for my exams. 

Yes, it only slightly saddens me that all those ARCs I snagged at BEA/BookCon may not be read before its release, but what’s more important, getting a review out, or passing tests that will help me out in the long run? The books will still be there.  Reading is something I love to do as a hobby, but becoming a teacher is my absolute goal. 

Wish me luck!! 

Thanks for being there!