Hello Readers

This is a different kind of post. Recently, my sister sent me an article about a family who is dealing with the hardships of the husband living with cancer and dealing with the stress of paying for cancer drugs and keeping their house. The family had to use their 18 year old sons college money to pay for some of the costs, but they are still at risk of losing their home. 

In order to try and make up for some of the costs, the father and daughter, Katherine and Stuart Chaplin, decided to write a book together. 

Since we are all readers, I thought that we could help out by buying the ebook on Amazon or at least spreading the word. 

Here is the link for the news article if you’d like to read more. 

Here is the synopsis found on Amazon (click the link to but the kindle edition for only .99)

In this YA sci-fi tale packed with wild humor and adventure, 14-year-old Evelyn Ka’anok remarks “My life. Is a mess.” 

It’s about to get a lot messier. 
Evelyn, it turns out, is a human/alien hybrid, and her nervous wreck mother is right: Mrn in Black ARE hunting them. 
Evelyn narrowly escapes capture, and with Deb, her middle school bestie, and Gary Mayhew (a biology grad the two more or less hijack along the way), the trio trek cross country from Roswell to Las Vegas to the mysterious Groom Lake (Area 51), to rescue both Evelyn’s mom and dad (Malin).. Along the way, Evelyn discovers that she inherited more from her dad than her pale complexion, height, and unnervingly large eyes. She has telepathic and telekinetic powers that require practice and control. 
Our heroes reclaim Elevyn’s folks and Malin’s UFO and, always pursued by the bloodthirsty General Lyles, return to Malin’s home planet, Vetna. 
The Vetnans, however, are affronted that mankind, a primitive race, kidnapped one of their own. Warships are dispatched. 
Only Evelyn and her friends can prevent worldwide devastation. Bullets or bacteria won’t work. in the end, Evelyn devises Earth’s salvation from something far more surprising. 
For ages 10 and up.