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Hello Readers!!

I will be participating in the Summer Blogger Promo Tour for the first time hosted by The Book Bratz from July 5th to August 31st!! I am so so so excited to be doing this. At first I had a hard time coming up with a topic, but then I figured it out. My posts are going to feature bloggers Top Tens on different topics involving books, from Top Ten favorite OTPs, Top Ten favorite quotes, to Top Ten favorite book series, etc. I really hope that you tune in for these posts featuring different bloggers.

The 1st stop will feature Kaitlin of Next Page Please! who will cover her Top Ten favorite Series!!

Top 10 Series

The Legend Trilogy- I really enjoyed this trilogy. It is a dystopian and it had so much action, suspense, and Marie’s writing was just great. This trilogy was one my first real YA read and I am very glad it was. With some series, people have a certain book they prefer over others but with this trilogy I loved all three books.

The If I Stay Duology- This duology broke my heart. The first book is definitely very emotional but the second book just brings back so much nostalgia. This duology was really an emotional roller coaster and I love how Gayle is able to create that within 2 days. (Each book takes place over about a 1 day time span)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians- Ahhh PJO. Even though people consider it a Middle Grade series, I love it as if it were a YA. It is such a fun series and reading about a kid growing up does things to you. Characters you want grow up over time tend to stick with you for a long time- in my opinion- because it’s like watching a child or a sibling grow and become older and more mature.

The Heros of Olympus- This is kind of a spin-off to the Percy Jackson series and it was very enjoyable. A few of the books are kind of frustrating to read but I loved reading the series. It was great to read about new characters but it was also great to read about Percy and Annabeth when they were older. I mean, we have watched these two grow up. Reading about 18 year old Percy and Annabeth is probably the best thing ever.

The Taken Trilogy- This is such a great trilogy that has been so overlooked. Erin’s writing is great and the plot she created for this trilogy is so epic to read about and the dystopian world she has made is so interesting. Reading this trilogy, you go through so many emotions: happiness, anger, anticipation, and feels. Lot’s of feels. The trilogy recently was just concluded and it breaks my heart to be done with reading the Taken trilogy.

Harry Potter- Um, duh! Of course I would mention Harry Potter! It was one of the series I finished in 5th grade and I loved them. This series is super popular and it deserves all the popularity. Jo’s writing is great and reading about Harry grow up just creates such a strong attachment to the characters. (See: Percy Jackson) Not going to explain why you should read Harry Potter because I could be here all day. Just ask anyone! Harry Potter is a must read series. 😉

The Hunger Games Trilogy- Like Harry Potter, this trilogy is also pretty popular. It may not be for everyone but definitely a good read. It was my first dystopian trilogy back in 4th grade when I first read it. I fell in love with the story and characters. There isn’t much to say other than read it!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Duology- The one thing I have to say about this duology is it’s a cutesy contemporary. Jenny Han came with such a great plot for the first book and that got me so hooked. The second book just came out and I loved that one just as much. The characters are so fun and like I said, the plot is great.

The Grisha Trilogy- I’m not a fantasy person but I definitely want to get more into them. This is the first YA fantasy series I have finished and I love love loved it. Leigh has created such a majestic world of creatures and powers. This trilogy takes you through a huge adventure and it’s awesome! The author gives you so many feels as well, so that’s how you know it’s good. 😉

The Nil Series- I’m not exactly sure if this is going to be a trilogy or a series but I don’t care. This series is so great because of what it surrounds. Nil is basically an island where you have 365 days to get off or it eats you. I know right, it sounds so interesting! It kind of takes you to a different world and the island is just beautiful, but deadly. Differently recommend this series for people who love action and suspense.

Thank you so much Kaitlin for this wonderful post!!

Tune in next Tuesday, June 12th, where I will be featuring Giselle of Book Nerd Canada !!!

Summer Blogger Promo Tour Schedule:

July 5th: Kaitlin of Next Page Please! Twitter: @nextpageplease_

July 12th: Giselle of Book Nerd Canada Twitter: @booknerdcanada

July 19th: Amber and Jessica of The Book Bratz 

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July 26th: Preethi of Time Turning Reads

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August 2nd: Stephanie of Ohana Reads

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August 9th: Jessica of Crossroad Reviews 

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August 16th: Kaitlin of Reading is My Treasure

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August 23rd: Ana of Ana Loves…

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August 30th: Wrap up post of highlights from the tour, what I liked, what I would change and my experience.