Hello Readers…

I didn’t even realize!! Today/oops one day late, is the one year anniversary of my blog Living in a World of Book Quotes!! How exciting! It honestly doesn’t even feel like it’s been a year that I’ve been blogging. My how the time flies! To honor my year of blogging, I thought it would be kind of cool to post my first post ever for today’s post! I may or may not do another giveaway, but I need to decide what to do for it. If any of you have any ideas, feel free to comment.

Here was my first post last year!


“I love reading. What I love most about reading, and what makes reading so special to me are the quotes. Amazing quotes are what takes a book onto a whole new level. “When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls.”
I will post about my favorite book quotes from time to time, but I may also post books reviews or recommendations! Enjoy!! And happy reading!!”


Don’t forget… HAPPY READING!!