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Here is my first review for one of the ARCs I got when I attended this years BookExpo at the Javits Center in New York City.




Goodreads synopsis:

NEW, updated edition! Written by a teenager who was bullied throughout middle school and high school, this kid-friendly book offers a fresh and relatable perspective on bullying. Along the way, the author offers guidance as well as different strategies that helped her get through even the toughest of days.

The Survival Guide to Bullying covers everything from cyber bullying to how to deal with fear and how to create the life you dream of having. From inspiring “roems” (rap poems), survival tips, personal stories, and quick quizzes, this book will light the way to a brighter future. This updated edition also features new, never-before-seen content including a chapter about how to talk to parents, an epilogue, and an exclusive Q&A with the author.

*Quotes that I have made edits for were from the Advanced Reader Copy obtained from BookExpo. Some may or may not appear in the final version. I was also given permission to use these quotes from the author as long as I state that they are from the Advanced Readers Copy*

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My Review:

I gave this ARC 5/5 stars

I will start with how I came across this book. On the second day of the BookExpo, I think I was waiting in line to get a book signed by Jennifer E. Smith for Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between, a girl behind me asked me if I was a blogger. I told her I was and helping out one of my favorite authors, Sophie Davis. I asked her if she was a blogger, and to my total surprise, she told me she was an author. I was so shocked, because she was in her late teens. As it turns out, it was Aija Mayrock, who wrote her debut novel, The Survival Guide to Bullying.

This topic is very near and dear to my heart, which I will explain shortly. She told me that her signing would be the next day, which I clearly would be going to. I ended up being the first person to her signing. She was kind enough to sign another copy to the elementary school that I worked in because bullying unfortunately can begin at a young age.

Now to my actual review.. hehe..

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I typically read fiction books, because non-fiction books always remind me too much of school. However, what interested me about this book was that it talked about the topic of bullying and the fact that it was written by a teen who had personal experience with bullying. This book is very unique due to this, because most books that are written about bullying are done by adults and researchers in the field.

I liked that Aija included information and research in the field, as well as personal experience with bullying. Intermittently, she included with she called “roems” or rap poems about her experiences. I for one, LOVED this. There were so many lines in each of her “roems” that I easily related to. I did not experience the same degree of bullying, but I did experience and feel the pain loneliness and isolation that came about during the time I was in school.

Even though it has been at least 10 years since I was in high school, reading this book brought about feelings of what I experienced and long forgotten about. I am okay with this because it takes so much strength to get through being bullied. Aija says  in one of her “roems” “I had to suffer to realize that I am tougher than I thought I was”. Of course feeling lonely and isolated for so long isn’t on mine or anyone’s top priorities, but I feel as though without suffering in some way, you may not realize what you are truly made of.


Aija gives such amazing and incredible advice throughout this book and can reach out to young people who are currently experiencing bullying or anyone who have had previous experience with bullying. I would highly recommend this book to teens, adults, parents, teachers, librarians… and pretty much anyone. I would also recommend this book to those with and without personal experience with bullying because both sides can learn so much that you may not have realized in the first place. Please be sure to get this book, which comes out June 30, 2015.

To me, I think this video is a reflection of what it feels like to be isolated. Its Numb by Linkin Park. I had personal experience during the 1:41 part when the main girl in the video goes to sit with the other girls at lunch and they all get up. I do not wish that onto anyone, and I hope that my readers and fellow bloggers don’t choose to make someone feel this way