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I am so excited to help Megan Duke in revealing the cover for book 2 in The Mind Breaker Accounts called Because of Him. This cover features Jack Touns (my favorite guy from the book).

Goodreads Synopsis:

When we last left the Mind Breakers, there were many questions unanswered and numerous troubles looming in their midst. Denni’s relationship with Jack has hit the pause button due to a special friend from Jack’s past. Amos is either missing or dead–no one’s quite sure. Liz is still trying to convince the others that she can be trusted. And as for Alivien, we’ve yet to really see what this rambunctious redhead is capable of.

Now that Cox Anderson has been taken into custody, there are rumors surfacing that there’s someone else picking up where he left off. Liz seems to know the secret, but Jack is weary to hear that the double agent could very well be one of his closest friends.

There’s a new threat lingering in the distance, and it stinks of betrayal.

Book Release: August 25, 2015

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And don’t forget to get the first book in The Mind Breaker Accounts called Without Me!!!

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