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Hello Readers,

As you know, my blog has been looking a little review light. This is due to having to take a hiatus to study for certification exams for teaching, since I do ultimately want to become a teacher. I don’t believe I will be taking on any new review projects besides prior commitments from Sophie Davis and Megan Duke. I will still be reviewing the book The Survival Guide to Bullying by Aija Mayrock because this is a different kind of book and is about a very important subject to me. 

I will of course miss reviewing, however, I will still at least be able to post my favorite quotes from the books I will be reading. I would still like to read at least a little bit while I study in order to keep me sane (I’m kidding, but reading is very important, so I do not want to just stop cold turkey). Most of the books that I will be posting my favorite quotes from will be from ARCS. I will make sure to place a disclaimer at the top for when I received these books and when they are to be released. Since these are ARC copies, they are uncorrected proofs, so some of what will be posted may not be in the final copy. I will also be sure to at least follow up with the author/publisher that it is okay to post said quotes, as long as I state they are from the uncorrected proof. 

I will still be doing posts through the Sunday Street Team and Books Publicity Services. These posts will consist of the featured authors favorite quotes and a synopsis of their book being released. 

I hope that all of you still continue to read my blog, even if I am unable to write as many reviews as before. 

Thanks and Happy Reading!!


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