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I had such an amazing time at my first Book Expo and second BookCon. I asked two of my favorite authors if they would like to participate in my first giveaway and they were more than happy to do it. For this giveaway, you will win a signed copy of Fragile Facade by Sophie Davis along with some swag (bookmarks/pins) and a signed copy of Rebellion (The Whispers of the Fallen #2) by JD Netto along with a signed sampler of his third book The Gathering of shadows. bookmarks and a Whispers of the Fallen tote. I have included some other surprise goodies. All you have to do is guess how many total books I got from BEA/BookCon. AND you have to be exact (Giveaway US only)

Fragile Facade synopsis:

If a stranger was begging for your help, would you answer?

Lark Kingsley had the perfect family, the perfect future, the perfect life. Born and raised in affluent Manhattan society, she was bred for success. Lark had it all. Until one day things go terribly wrong, and she vanishes without a trace.

Raven Ferragamo is starting a new life. Taking a year off after high school, she moves to Washington, D.C., leaving her friends, her family, and her problems behind. The clean break with her past starts off better than she could’ve dreamed. For the first time in her short life, Raven really feels as though anything is possible.

In the midst of a nationwide hunt for the Kinsgley Diamonds heiress, Raven happens upon Lark’s diary. Without warning, she is drawn in to the life of a girl with many secrets. Lark knew of the fate that would befall her before she ever disappeared. Her desperate pleas for help draw Raven in to a labyrinth of mysteries.

Seemingly coming from different worlds, the two have more in common than either could ever imagine.
What happened to Lark? And why was she building a hidden life? Will Raven find the answers before she is ensnared as well?

Rebellion synopsis:

Smoke rises from the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Forgotten secrets have been revealed. In the darkness of the world, Lucifer’s army grows.

The quest of the book-bearers grows even more perilous when Isaac and his companions discover that ancient enemies have risen from the Heart of Elysium, seeking to snatch the Book of Letters from their hands. The Nephilins are now aided by Xavier, one of the Fallen Rulers. Villages have been brought to the ground by armies of Shadows. Creatures from the Abyss now lurk in the mountains and forests, longing to kill whoever crosses their path.

Isaac and his companions must find courage to overcome their fears as they continue their journey throughout Elysium.

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