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The Shadowhunters fandom is in a really good place right now. Just last week we learned that Dominic Sherwood will be playing Jace in Shadowhunters, and it sounds like we’ll be getting our Clary this coming week, perhaps even as soon as Monday.

But if you’ve checked out our Twitter profile recently, you’ve noticed we shared a link from our friends at Idris BR (go read their thoughts) discussing their thoughts on the new script that they got a hold of. We’ve read the same script leaks and have some similar not-so-pleasant thoughts and a couple pleasant thoughts (because we’re trying to be optimistic here) about what direction they might be taking this show and how they could adapt it for the better.

The Good: Isabelle and Alec share a nice moment

With that said, there’s a really nice moment between Izzy and Alec where they sort of…

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