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Dear Ed Decter,

It’s Alyssa again. Amidst all of the excitement following the official pickup ofShadowhunters (congrats, by the way), I have to admit that I’m feeling some stuff I wish I wasn’t feeling. Worry. Concern. Anxiety. I wish I could just relax and be happy about the great prospect of having a show, but one thing makes that impossible: the script.

Now, I know that the author’s said that she was told that the script that’s been floating around, the one that’s up on Showfax and SidesExpress and a million other places, wasn’t going to be used. That she’d been told the character Natalie was going away. Thing is, since then we’ve seen the script be updated online and everywhere. And it’s basically the same script it was before with small changes. Now while we’re sure it isn’t the final draft, why bother updating a script that you’re not…

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