I agree with everything here. I feel that one of the reasons the movie didn’t work was because they changed enough of it where it didn’t follow the book. Even if you didn’t read the book, there were parts that didn’t make sense. Honestly what is the point of calling it the mortal instruments if it’s being changed THIS much. It’s as though they’re trying to make into this new amazing and hip upcoming show. I really don’t think it’s going to last (sad to say). There’s a reason that movies like Divergent and The Hunger Games did very well. The Mortal Instruments series really had potential, but something just doesn’t seem to be clicking.

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Last week, we got some pretty major news about Shadowhunters, the television series based on The Mortal Instruments. We learned that the show has finally landed at a network, which was revealed to be ABC Family. Also, production is set to get underway soon in May in Vancouver. Casting is also underway.

Amid all of the excitement, it’s easy to forget that we don’t know what to expect. But if the rumors we’ve heard are true, then I’m going to be one very pissed off fan, and you will be, too.

While we don’t know everything, we do know some things, some of which have been confirmed and some which are currently rumors. There are some good things, but honestly there are more bad things.

Here’s everything we know about Shadowhunters so far:


We’re getting a show

Let’s be real, we all had our doubts that…

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