Hello readers!!
The day is finally here!! Today is the release of Infinite Limits, the last book in the Foster and Allen series!! (PS: head over to Megan Duke‘s website for more info on that!)


In case you have forgotten, here is the synopsis for Infinite Limits
You’ve heard their stories. You’ve felt their pain. Now, in this thought-provoking conclusion to Small Circles, the characters we’ve come to love are faced with an abundance of difficult choices. It’s time for each of them to choose a path, but who’s to say which is the right one? Between a wedding, a pregnancy, a disappearance, and a disturbing dream turned reality, there are an infinite number of ways this story could end. But there is a limit to every infinity, and everyone has a breaking point.
And to celebrate the release, I am going to put the links below for my posts on my Paxton Graham week for the #10InfiniteWeeks tour!
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Megan Duke