Hello readers!!

If you’ve been following my blog/book IG lately, you’ll know that I’ve been making quote edits. For a few months I was on a hunt to try and find an app that would let me put text on pictures, but I couldn’t seem to find ANYTHING. It wasn’t until Megan Duke told me about the app called Phonto. OMG!! This app is INCREDIBLE!! Little by little, I have figured out how to hone my skills using this app for my favorite book quotes, or even character quotes. I seriously am ADDICTED to this app! So I wanted to share with you some of my edits that I have done in the past two days. I just decided to do this because if you only follow my blog, you may not see ALL the edits I do, since I mainly post them on my IG. So maybe it can be a Monday post for me to do. That is if I ended up doing an edit. The edits I will feature on this post may just be a title of a book or it may include a quote from the book. If you would like, let me know which one(s) were your favorite(s).
The background pictures in each of these edits were taken by me (expect for the NYC skyline, which was found on Pinterest, and edited with Phonto) even the sparkly ones (this was taken this morning when there was frost on my windshield!)







I hope you’ve enjoyed these edits!
Until next time… HAPPY READING!!