Paxton Graham: Drew Taylor
Jade Walbridge: Priya Pappu
Audrina Ashby: Morgan LaFave

Hello readers!!
Today is the fifth day for Paxton Graham’s week on the #10InfiniteWeeks blog tour as we prepare for the release of Infinite Limits, out December 16th.

For today’s post, I will be focusing on a very interesting “love” triangle, where Paxton’s past (Audrina) and his present (Jade) will collide.
I wanted to get Megan’s opinion about the relationship between Paxton/Audrina and Paxton Jade:

Paxton and Audrina:

When it comes down to it, the thing holding these two together is familiarity. When Paxton was at his lowest point, Audrina was the one to help him move forward. Only, she didn’t completely heal him. She just distracted him from the problem. This is what hinders them from being able to have a real relationship. She doesn’t make him a better person. All helps him to ignore all the crap in his life versus actually dealing with it. For Paxton, this sometimes seems like the better deal, because he doesn’t want to face the pain. But in reality, his relationship with Audrina is toxic. They bring out the worst in each other, but they still can’t shake the connection they’ve made. Even though he knows being with Audrina is a bad idea, something always pulls him back. And this could mean making some terrible mistakes.

Paxton and Jade:

It seems obvious that Jade is the light that Paxton needs in his life. In Small Circles, she’s the one that helps him stop doing drugs. She’s the one that helps him face his true feelings about his father’s death. Her love and support is what allows Paxton to stop hallucinating and understand the real problem: he has to let go. Not of life, but the thought of ending up just like his father. Paxton has never wanted to face the truth. Whenever something hurts, all he wants to do is numb the pain. His relationship with Audrina was mostly physical. Sex was a distraction. When that didn’t work, he turned to drugs. Eventually, all of this starts to literally drive him insane. That’s where Jade steps in. She forces him to actually talk about what’s going on instead of ignoring it. She shows him that he’s not alone. She provides friendship. Eventually, Paxton realizes that his love for Jade is what’s pushing him forward. She makes him stronger, and this makes their relationship worth it. Real and true.

I absolutely agree with Megan. It’s true that Audrina served as a coping mechanism for Paxton to escape the pain of losing his father, just as he was using the drugs. Audrina whole heartedly believed that they were meant to be together and that she was helping him. But, she didn’t realize that she was hurting both Paxton and herself. I also think that Paxton still used Audrina, even in the aftermath of losing their friend.
Paxton needed to be with someone who is there for him to help him deal with things head on and be there for him to support him, which is what Jade provides for him. Their relationship went deeper, and they balanced one another. Jade was the person to help him see the person that he was meant to become. Even in Small Circles I had hoped that Jade and Paxton would eventually end up together in the end. What do you think? Do you think Paxton will choose his past and be with Audrina? Or do you think he will move on, and choose Jade? I already know…. so you’ll just have to find out when you get your copy of Infinite Limits.

I hoped that you enjoyed this post as much as I did in writing it. Stay tuned tomorrow, where I will be writing my last post in the tour, which is going to be my review for Infinite Limits! I will then be passing off the #10InfiniteWeeks torch to Analoves, who will be covering a week of cutie Larson Ashby!