Hello readers!

Welcome to day 4 of #10InfiniteWeeks!! Today I will be posting edits I did featuring characters from Small Circles, Three-Sixty, and Ninety Degrees. Some edits will feature quotes from the books along with the characters (celeb dream cast and models Megan used for the tour). Other edits will also include lyrics from songs with along with characters. Warning: Some edits may be spoilery, so if you don’t mind, then go right ahead, but if you do, then stop now and go read the books! I used my phone to make these edits and I used the Pic Jointer app and Phonto app (as per Megan’s suggestion). I also used Hair Color Booth app to change the hair color for the Charleigh McAfee edits!


Celebrities in edits:

Paxton Graham: Tom Sturridge

Jade Walbridge: Shay Mitchell

Silas McFuller: Joe Dinicol

Charleigh McAfee: Chloe Moretz and Taylor Spreitler

Larson Ashby: Callan McAuliffe

Audrina Ashby: Nicola Peltz

Owen Spencer: Logan Lerman

Logan Brown: Justin Kelly (from Degrassi-a canadian teen drama)

Megan’s Models:

Paxton Graham: Drew Taylor

Audrina Ashby: Morgan LaFave

Charleigh McAfee: Cathryn (deathbyfandxms)

Get ready! Here they are:

three sixtytom sturridge.paxton graham you make me feel like i'm drowning tom sturridge, paxton graham, split, you make me feel like I'm drowning tom sturridge, paxton graham, do i deserve this tom and shay, paxton and jade, never gonna let you down tom and shay, paxton and jade, lighthouse by otherwise tom and shay, paxton and jade, do I deserve this the boys of small circles small circles three sixty ninety degrees and infinite limits Silas McFuller silas mcfuller, charleigh mcafee, ninety degrees she might have been there for you in the aftermath shay mitchell, jade walbridge, time after time one he needs and one he wants shay mitchell, jade walbridge, but you're so much stronger than he was logan lerman, owen spencer, I just want to be happy intro to charleigh, chloe moretz larson ashby loving someone larson ashby now that you're gone larson ashby, audrina ashby, paxton graham, jade walbridge, owen spencer, small circles ghost logan lerman, owen spencer,  the latency IMG_5667 IMG_5666 IMG_5654 IMG_5648 charleigh mcafee, ninety degrees  audrina ashby, I was there when everything came crashing down blue, charleigh mcafee, ninety degrees charleigh mcafee, catheryn, ninety degrees charleigh mcafee, chloe moretz, follow different paths wpid-wp-1416529061392.jpeg

I hope you enjoyed all my edits! Tune in tomorrow for my songs about Paxton Graham. It’s going to be intense!