The Secret Diamond Sister’s Tag


Hello Readers!!

Besides my post today regarding Infinite Limits, I’m going to be doing a tag today that I saw on The Secret Diamond Sister’s street team on Facebook. This tag was Created by Next Page Please!

All you have to do is answer the questions based on each sister then do some tagging!!
The Secret Diamond Sister Book Tag

Created by Next Page Please!

Glitter and Sparkles? Duh, of course!
First thing you would buy with a BlaAmEx (Black American Express).. eek, maybe an apartment?
What color would you die your hair? Purple (at least again… yes I’ve had purple hair before).
One word to describe your feelings toward volleyball. Fun
Nick or Damien? Nick, OBVIOUSLY!!

Favorite book? Top 3, because I can’t narrow that down.. Small Circles, Fragile Facade, Ignite
Which charity/foundation would you donate/volunteer to? Children with Hair Loss, any no kill animal shelter.
Dream vacation? Egypt
Dream university/college? Too late (already went, lol).
What color are you favorite pair of flip-flops? Brown

Favorite “Bad Boy” (or villain) book character? Er… I CAN’T THINK OF ANY!!
Worst thing you’ve ever done to a book? Dog eared a page to keep my place ( don’t worry, I use bookmarks now).
How long will it take you to wake up in the morning? Five minutes.
Favorite type of coffee? Plain coffee with flavored coffeemaker (vanilla).
What are you doing at 1 in the morning? Sleeping, lol

I hope you enjoyed this post!!
Oh and I’ll be tagging those on the #10InfiniteWeeks blog tour!!


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