Paxton Graham

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This is Drew Taylor who modeled for Megan Duke as Paxton Graham

Hello Readers!

Welcome to day three of Paxton Graham’s week of the #10InfiniteWeeks Tour!

So if you’ve read Small Circles and Three Sixty, you know that Paxton’s life has been tough. Here is a character provided by Megan Duke that gives background information on Paxton Graham. I was very happy to have the opportunity to be assigned to cover his week. Even though I can’t fully relate to the situations that Paxton experiences throughout the Foster and Allen series, I can empathize with what he is feeling. He goes through so many ups and downs of not knowing where his life is headed and turns to things that may not necessarily be positive in his life. There are many things that people turn to to help them cope with things that may not help them. Soooo, I think I that note, I need to stop rambling, and move onto the character bio for Paxton Graham:

Name: Paxton Graham
Age: 16 (Small Circles)
School: Foster & Allan Academy, graduated 2013
Hair: Dark brown. Medium length.
Siblings: None.
Best Friends: Larson Ashby and Owen Spencer.
Parents: Lawrence Graham and Anna Gardner
– Paxton and Larson have been friends since elementary school. They later met Owen in seventh grade and befriended him after he stood up for Larson against the school bullies.
– He lost his virginity to Larson’s sister, Audrina, when they were 15. It was the summer before Paxton’s sophomore year.
– Paxton’s father committed suicide a year before the start of Small Circles. He suffered from depression after nearly going bankrupt in his hotel business.
– His mother was 16 when she gave birth and gave all rights to his father, never signing the birth certificate.
– Paxton keeps mostly to himself. The only people that can really pull him out of his shell are Larson and Owen.
– For most of the books, he struggles to cope with the loss of both his father and his grandmother. It’s something he has yet to accept without realizing.
– Paxton used to be on the swim team with Larson, but after his father’s death, he stopped showing up to practice.
– Despite this, his place of solitude is in the water. The feeling of drowning is actually soothing to him. Being cut off from the world symbolically helps him breath.
– Jade is the first person that makes him actually talk about his problems instead of covering them up with drugs and depression.
Anddddd here is Tom Sturridge as my actor pick for Paxton Graham.. He is PERFECT for him, of course for the 20 something Paxton… and this is a preview for all the edits I created for the Foster and Allen series. So stay tuned for tomorrow!!!
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