#10InfiniteWeeks: Interview with Megan Duke-author of Small Circles, Three-Sixty, Ninety Degrees, and Infinite Limits

10 infinite weeks

Welcome to the second day of the Paxton Graham week for #10InfiniteWeeks!!

I was very intrigued by the character of Paxton Graham throughout the Foster and Allen series. Paxton went through such turmoil from finding his father after he committed suicide, to his grandmother being diagnosed with cancer, and then turning to drugs and an empty relationship with his best friends sister as a way to cope with everything. It wasn’t until he met Jade Walbridge that he was able to see a different side of himself and knew that he could become a better person. Paxton is one of my favorite characters in the series, especially regarding the relationship he has with Jade.


Megan Duke was kind of enough to answer questions about the Foster and Allen series, Paxton Graham’s storyline, his relationship with Jade and Audrina, and about books in general

The Interview:

What was your favorite book in the Foster and Allen series to write about and why?
I’ve had trouble narrowing it done. Small Circles will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s the first book in the series, so it was a lot of fun setting up the story and molding the characters into what they are now. I really enjoyed writing the final book as well. Seeing how it all came together was very fun for me!

What inspired you to write Paxton’s storyline?
Paxton’s character was loosely based on several friends of mine. I took different things from different people and placed them all into this one boy. I also took a few traits from myself, as I did with a lot of the characters. I knew Paxton’s character development was going to be one of the most intense to write. Owen was the other. His story was more of a personal growth. Paxton, however, had a lot of outside force affecting who he was and the choices he made. In Infinite Limits, we learn a lot about how the events in Paxton’s life have shaped him into who he is.

Who do you ship (that’s a first for me to say that!) Jaxton or Paudrina (yikes, that sounds weird)? And why?
I think the community has settled on “Paxdrina” (not much better), but I’m not sure I’m at liberty to say. I don’t want to give away anything by leaning towards one ship or the other. I will say this: both Jade and Audrina have the capabilities of making Paxton happy in different ways. It’s really up to him to decide which is the healthier choice….

What was your favorite part about writing a contemporary coming of age story?
The best part is being able to write something that’s 100% real. The problems these kids are facing happen to real people. The way they interact with one another, including their conversations and their actions, it’s all so relatable. The situations these characters are placed into aren’t coated with the notion of saving the world from evil vampires or overthrowing a corrupt government. They’re raw and to the point. Some people complain that YA contemporary is cheesy, or it seems “too dramatic”. What most people don’t understand is that when we’re young, the simplest thing in the world can feel like a huge deal. Being in love for the first time is life-changing. And when you throw problems like bullying, depression, and addiction into the mix… it just gets complicated.

  If you decided to write another series (PLEASE DO!!) what genre besides the above would you write about?
I am writing another series! The Mind Breaker Accounts is a science fiction & fantasy trilogy that is based in the near future. Seven children are volunteered at birth for a drug trial intending to increase intelligence. They develop the power of mind control, and well… I’ll just leave you at that. The full synopsis is on my website! Without Me, the first installment, is the first piece of fiction I ever released as a self-published author. I wrote the first two books to the trilogy while I was in high school, and they have a lot of potential. My current job is to edit them to my liking and re-release them with brand new covers! The first book, and hopefully the second, will be out next year! The third I have yet to write, so that will be my greatest project.

I usually have a hard time reading books in the third person because I can’t connect with the characters. But of course I was able to with your books. When you read books, do you like reading books that are written in the first persons point of view or the third persons point of view?
I enjoy both. They each have their perks. But I will say, I tend to learn more towards third person. The reason being: you can know more about the story versus just what’s going on in that one character’s head. I like having that extra detail, or another point of view to help explain things.


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