#10InfiniteWeeks: Introduction to one week of Paxton Graham and the Foster and Allen series!!!

image(This is a photo of Megan Duke’s friend Drew Taylor who posed as the Paxton Graham character)

Hello Readers!!!!!

As a part of #10InfiniteWeeks, I will be hosting a week of posts about Paxton Graham from Small Circles, Three-Sixty, and Infinite Limits.
For my “Week of Paxton Graham, you will expect edits I have made about the series, reflection on Paxton’s relationship with Jade Walbridge and Audrina Ashby (including Megan Duke’s insight on the relationship between Paxton/Jade and Paxton/Audrina),reflection on Paxton’s character, songs based off of characters, reviews of other books in the series and an author interview with Megan Duke.

All of these posts will lead up to the release of the final book in the Foster and Allen series, Infinite Limits, which releases December 16th.

As a part of my first post for my week of Paxton Graham, I will be posting my predictions for what may happen in Infinite Limits.
Here is the synopsis for Infinite Limits:

You’ve heard their stories. You’ve felt their pain. Now, in this thought-provoking conclusion to Small Circles, the characters we’ve come to love are faced with an abundance of difficult choices. It’s time for each of them to choose a path, but who’s to say which is the right one? Between a wedding, a pregnancy, a disappearance, and a disturbing dream turned reality, there are an infinite number of ways this story could end. But there is a limit to every infinity, and everyone has a breaking point.

So here are my thoughts:

1. I think that Paxton and Jade are the characters who deal with a pregnancy (based on previous books that I read recently)

2. I think that Larson and his significant other (I won’t say who!!!) get married.

3. I think maybe Jade disappears (just a guess)

4. The disturbing dream turned into a reality is that Audrina and Carter start dating (yes, this would be disturbing, because Carter is a jerk)

This isn’t much to go on, I know. But who knows what will happen… you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out.

Stay tuned during the week for more posts!!

Happy Reading!!!


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