Hello readers, and welcome to the third day of Owen’s week in the #10InfiniteWeeks blog tour!

Megan is covering this week for another blogger, so I offered to help out. So here’s my day! (Yes, spoilers will be here, but by now you should already know what happened in this series)

Even though Owen Spencer was only a part of one book in the series, he still made an impact on those in his life even after he was gone. I thought that Owen’s storyline was the most beautiful and the saddest. As you all know, Owen helped each of his friends with whatever they may have been going through. Even though Owen is always there for his friends, he struggles with his own secrets. Because of this, I feel that people of any age can relate to Owen and what he is going thru. It may not necessarily be the same scenario, but sometimes people have the right answers to help others out, but are so completely lost, that they are unsure of how to go about getting the help they need. It was so heartbreaking reading about how Owen was struggling with who he was all the while he was dating Jade. Owen was so conflicted with his own feelings about whether or not he liked girls, but he didn’t want to hurt Jade in the process. I loved the gradual way in which Owen and Larson’s relationship developed. Again, I found it heartbreaking that Larson could see the person in which Owen was to be become, but I think that Owen was terrified and unsure. I was so happy when Owen seemed to accept himself with Larson’s guidance, but I just could NOT believe what happened. I literally felt like my heart was ripping out and thought how unfair it was that this kid spent his whole life practically pretending that he was someone he was never meant to be. I am glad that Owen at least was able to experience a little bit of the person he was supposed to be.  Owen’s character will always help me to realize that I need to find things in my life that makes me happy, even it may be something that I am unsure of. I hope that others who have read this series will always keep a little piece of Owen with them, just as I have.

Here are a few edits I made with Logan Lerman (Megan’s Pick) as Owen Spencer:

logan lerman, owen spencer,  the latency

I LOVE this song, and thought it spoke to how Larson helped Owen accept who he truly was in the end.

logan lerman, owen spencer, I just want to be happy

larson ashby, audrina ashby, paxton graham, jade walbridge, owen spencer, small circles ghost

Owen Spencer will always connect Paxton, Larson, Audrina, and Jade even if he is gone.

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