Hello readers!! And welcome to the first day of the Pinny Blog Tour!! I am so excited to be hosting the first day of this blog tour! I will be covering the first two days of the tour and then I will pass the reins to Ajoyceanodyssey! Click here to see the other stops on this tour:

For my portion of the tour, I will be posting my Q&A with author Leah Ward for today and tomorrow I will be posting my review about Pinny the Bowling Pin.
For those of you who don’t know, this is the story about a bowling pin who just can’t seem to fall down, no matter how hard he tries. He encounters being teased by the other pins and dreams of other things he could possibly do should being a pin not work out in his favor. 
This is the first children’s book written by Leah Ward, who is known for writing poetry and a YA novel. I actually found out about this author when she contacted me after looking at my blog. She told me she loved my reviews and wanted to know if I would like to be a part of her blog tour for her first children’s novel. Well, you know what my response was!
So here’s the first portion of my blog tour…the Q&A with author Leah Ward

1. I really enjoyed reading the story about Pinny and how the story was written from Pinny’s point of view. What led you to want to write the story from his perspective?
– Thank you! I really enjoyed writing from Pinny’s perspective because it made the story so much more personable. I think, especially with children’s books, that writing from their point of view really engages kids. Instead of me telling a story to them, Pinny tells it to them. Plus, Pinny is hilarious and he deserved the floor!

2. What did you enjoy writing the most: YA, poetry, or a children’s novel?
I enjoyed writing each of them differently so it’s hard to say which was my favorite. Poetry I wrote because of my feelings (as cliche as that sounds). It was just easier to express myself with rhyme, pen and paper. Young Adult was super fun because of the length. It has a sense of accomplishment to it unlike anything else. In school I complained about 
writing a page essay, yet I can get on the computer with no trouble and type out a scene that’s ten pages long. Developing the characters too, that was definitely a plus. Unlike Pinny, we are with him for a few sentences, but Edwin and Lena we are with for 230+ pages! I will say that Pinny was extremely fun to write! I wanted to make it comical, yet 
still have a moral to the story. I really hope that I hit the nail on the head with that concept!

3. What do you think children will take away after reading this story?
– I want them to read Pinny, have a few laughs, understand that bullying is not okay, and then open it back up to read their favorite parts again! I really think the illustrations do wonders for the book. When I got the proofs, I loved just looking at the pictures and seeing all of the humorous detail.

4. Were any of the characters in your children’s story inspired by anyone from your life?
– Not specifically, no they weren’t. The characters are a little more general so that they can correlate with any child.

5. What is your favorite thing to do besides writing?
– Hmm… My favorite things consist of traveling (road trips!), hanging out with my pup, going to the park for a run, eating NY style pizza, and of course SLEEPING!

6. What has been your all time favorite thing about writing?
– My favorite is just the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling I get from my readers. Hearing that your story is inspiring and that people enjoy reading it is exhilarating! Seriously, every time I get a compliment or just into a conversation about my books, it is like an author’s high!

7. What was the last book that you read and what did you like most about the book?
– The book that I’m reading currently is The Land of Stories Book 3. The first two are AMAZING and I’m seriously jealous of Chris Colfer’s writing style and humor. If you haven’t read the first book, you should. The concept is brilliant and the plot twists and turns as you read like 
a reading roller coaster.

Author info:
Leah Ward is a 21 year old author of YA and children’s picture books. She lives in NC with her beloved jack russell terrier Luna. She decided to pursue writing only two years ago after her bestfriend, singer Taylor Leopold, told her how amazing her poetry was and encouraged her to get it published. After releasing her poetry book, The Art of Words (2013), she decided to try writing her favorite genre book – fantasy YA. 2014 brought the release of her first YA novel Searching for Darkness. Currently Leah is working on a childrens book that all ages will find to love. You can follow Leah on Twitter @LeahWardAuthor and Instagram @LeahWardAuthor. You can also visit her Facebook page for a frequent update of what she is up to and book memes that will give you a laugh!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Tune in tomorrow for my review on the book!
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