Hello Readers!!

Last May when I went to Book Con 2014 I bought the book Paw it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde who is the author of Pay it Forward, along with 24 other books. This story is about Ella and how she can “paw” it forward by showing kindness towards others, whether it is a fellow animal, or to humans.

I read this book to a class of second grade students and they were able to relate it to their school motto of being a bucket filler. They were able to fully understand the importance of being kind towards others, especially after reading the story. There were parts in the story where the students could easily relate to. After reading the story, we discussed just how easy it is to “paw” it forward and then students drew pictures and wrote down ways in which they themselves could “paw it forward”.

This book is such a fantastic book and schools and families should absolutely get this book.

This book is also a part of the Paw it Forward, LLC organization. This organization spreads the word about the importance of being kind towards others.

This afternoon, I had the opportunity as a call-in guest for Reader’s Entertainment Radio, alongside Cara Warren (CEO of Paw it Forward, LLC) and Catherine Ryan Hyde (author of Paw it Forward), to talk about my experience reading the story to the students. You can click here to listen to the broadcast in case you missed it.

Please be sure to check out the book Paw it Forward!!

Happy Reading!!