The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion                signed twotf

“Do not weep over unwise choices. Smile for the choices you can make-choices that will shape the future of many.” pg. 15 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“Regardless of what he saw in you, my friend, in the end, only you can decide what your fate and journey will be….” pg. 26 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“It is better to know a warrior for a moment on a battlefield than to walk beside a coward for a lifetime.” pg. 60 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“There can be no victory without peril, no life without death, no strength without pain.” pg. 114 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“Let not your past dictate your present actions. Your parents might have left, but we, your companions, are still here.” pg. 162 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“Those that we have lost must inspire us to fight for those that are alive.” pg. 169 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“Silence can often teach us timeless lessons. If I had not witheld my words, you would have not recognized your weaknesses and strengths.” pg. 274 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

“Countless stars shone above me. There were so many of them that it was if a large hand had tossed diamond dust across the sky.” pg. 311 The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion by JD Netto

Goodreads synopsis:

Smoke rises from the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Forgotten secrets have been revealed. In the darkness of the world, Lucifer’s army grows.

The quest of the book-bearers grows even more perilous when Isaac and his companions discover that ancient enemies have risen from the Heart of Elysium, seeking to snatch the Book of Letters from their hands. The Nephilins are now aided by Xavier, one of the Fallen Rulers. Villages have been brought to the ground by armies of Shadows. Creatures from the Abyss now lurk in the mountains and forests, longing to kill whoever crosses their path.

Isaac and his companions must find courage to overcome their fears as they continue their journey throughout Elysium.

My Review:

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars

What a superb and fantastic sequel to The Whispers of the Fallen series!!! I knew I wanted to get Rebellion because of how much I LOVED this first book. Once again, Rebellion does not disappoint, and is in some ways, is better than the first book.

I liked that this book takes place right after the events from the first book. Most books have sequels that take place months or years after the first novel making it seem like another story versus a continuation of the previous book. I enjoyed seeing many of my favorite characters from the first book (both good and evil) as well as seeing new faces (both good and evil). Throughout this book, the characters are fighting for survival against the Nephilins as well as a new enemy. Not only are they struggling with that, they were also struggling with events from their past. I liked that this story is written in both Issac and Devin’s POV. This book is a fantastic example of a fight between good vs evil. Just like the first book, I enjoyed many of the twists and turns and not knowing what was going to happen next. The events that took place was fantastically written. There were moments where I had to pause because of HOW vivid these scenes were (think of the most gruesome scary movie you have seen). You will feel so many emotions as you read this story you won’t know what to do. I would highly recommend this to fans of high fantasy novels, but also to those who have never read a high fantasy novel, because you WILL be hooked. I’m looking forward to reading the third book in this trilogy and what happens to my favorite characters on their journey to fighting evil.
Happy Reading!!