Updated review of Drawing Amanda-enhanced ebook edition


I received a complementary enhanced ebook copy of Drawing Amanda by Hipsomedia (thank you!)

I have read this book after previously receiving an advanced copy at BookCon 2014. You can click on the review here: https://livinginaworldofbookquotes.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/book-reviewrecommendation-of-drawing-amanda-by-stephanie-freur-illustrations-by-s-y-lee-2/

When I opened the enhanced copy, I was thrilled to see the pictures from the book come to life! Yes, the pictures from the book are outstanding, but it is taken to a whole new level in this enhanced version. Each picture is very rich in color and matches Inky’s description to a T. Some of the pictures even move or is sketched in front of your eyes as if Inky is there with you as you read the story. This was such a unique idea to do for a book and I would highly recommend getting the enhanced e-copy of Drawing Amanda.


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